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One Punch Man: Garou's Speed ​​on Nerf?

One Punch Man: Garou's Speed ​​on Nerf?

The Monster Association Arc which is still running today really brings something truly epic and extraordinary to Yusuke Murata and ONE's One-Punch Man manga series. 

In this arc, we see how the two parties, the Monster Association and the Hero Association, really put all their might into fighting each other.

And the effect as we see a lot of drama going on, a lot of epic and exciting fights, and also a lot of amazing moments. 

One of the extraordinary moments that occurred in this arc was when Garou began to awaken all the potential within him. 

As we know, Garou was kidnapped by the Monster Association to make him one of them.

However, Garou refused and instead intended to destroy the monsters. 

The injured Garou is not weakening, he is getting stronger. In fact, previously, Superalloy Darkshine and Castle Prisoner Castle were rendered powerless in the face of Garou. 

The culmination of Garou's awakening occurred during his battle against Silver Fang.

One Punch Man: Garou's Speed ​​on Nerf?

Awakened Garou is shown to have defeated Silver Fang who was his former teacher. However, Garou himself then remembered about the words of his former teacher which made part of the "mask" on his face shattered. 

Then, we see how Garou's awakened power is when he destroys several monsters at once like Ugly Fuhrer and even Platinum Sperm.

The most epic part of the battle was seeing Garou, Flashy Flash, and Platinum Sperm speeding against each other as shown in chapter 155 yesterday. 

The three characters who have high speed fight each other, which as a result of their fight creates the effect of a very bright light in the sky. 

Their fight even made everyone astonished.

In that battle, Garou managed to defeat the Platinum Sperm and Flashy Flash. 

However, there is an interesting fact where some fans criticized how Garou's speed was nerfed or in other words his abilities were reduced. 

However, is it true? Actually, what some of the fans have been "criticised" is true.

One Punch Man: Garou's Speed ​​on Nerf?

The current speed of Garou, it feels a little slower than the version shown in the webcomic version. 

However, there is nothing wrong with what is presented in the current version of Murata. 

In fact, one might say, it's not yet time for Garou to evolve in terms of his speed. In the webcomic, Garou did manage to reach the speed of light when he faced Saitama.

Some fans even had time to give their calculations according to the physics formula, in which the conclusion was Garou's speed when fighting with Saitama could reach 45,000 km/hour. 

That means the incredible speed of Awakened Garou. 

Then, what about Garou's speed which is presented in Murata's version?

For now, there is no calculation of Garou's speed especially when he fought Flashy Flash and Platinum Sperm. 

From what was presented in Garou's fight against Platinum Flash in chapter 155, their fight only happened in 0.013 seconds. 

A speed that was still extremely extraordinary and terrifying from a Garou.

One Punch Man: Garou's Speed ​​on Nerf?

Does it mean that the Garou that appears at this time is slower than the webcomic version? 

The answer is not necessarily. 

However, there are some important things to note. 

First, Garou's peak speed appears when he has managed to fully awaken all of his strength. 

In other words, Awakened Garou is absolutely perfect from all sides.

What about the ones featured in the Murata version? In a way, Awakened Garou is still in the early stages or still at level 1. 

Second, Garou's peak speed occurs when he fights Saitama. Right now, Garou still hasn't fought Saitama. 

He had just defeated Flashy Flash and Platinum Sperm, and most recently he had defeated Sage Centipede.

Awakened Garou only met Saitama at the end of chapter 160 yesterday, which means the battle between Garou and Saitama will only occur in chapter 161 and so on. 

Even that still needs to be noted again, that it is not necessarily Awakened Garou will evolve to its peak in an instant.

One Punch Man: Garou's Speed ​​on Nerf?

Perhaps, the fight between Garou and Saitama will last for a while, before Garou realizes Saitama's true strength. 

Maybe the ultimate battle between the perfectly Awakened Garou and Saitama will take place in the future, and that's when Garou's speed will be at its peak, where Garou's speed will eventually equal the speed of light.

So, in conclusion, it's still too early to decide whether Garou's speed is indeed reduced or nerfed in Murata's version. 

This is because in the manga version Yusuke Murata deliberately gives Garou a gradual increase in strength. 

And right now, Awakened Garou was still at the beginning level.

Even so, Flashy Flash himself admitted that Garou's current speed beat his own. 

And there is a possibility that at its peak later when Garou fights Saitama, we will see Garou's actual speed where his speed is equal to the speed of light, as presented in the webcomic. 

When that happens, then we can decide whether Garou's speed is reduced or different from the webcomic version.

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