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One Piece: Shanks Knows Luffy's Devil Fruit Secret?

One Piece: Shanks Knows Luffy's Devil Fruit Secret?

Little by little Eiichiro Oda began to provide important information about the devil fruit consumed by Luffy in the One Piece series.

Previously, it was known that Luffy's devil fruit was not an arbitrary devil fruit. 

This is based on what appeared in chapter 1017 yesterday, where it was stated that the Gomu Gomu devil fruit was guarded and escorted by Who's Who.

Who's Who himself admitted that he used to be part of CP-9 and was a rival to Rob Lucci. 

Who's Who himself then revealed something extraordinary where he mentioned that it turned out that the Gomu Gomu devil fruit he was guarding was stolen by the Red Hair pirate group led by Shanks.

However, in the Romance Dawn arc later we saw how the devil fruit that Shanks took was then eaten by Luffy and then became the main source of Luffy's current strength. 

Until then Eiichiro Oda revealed a surprising fact in chapter 1044 yesterday, where it turns out that Gomu Gomu is not the real name of the devil fruit.

One Piece: Shanks Knows Luffy's Devil Fruit Secret?

Turns out, his real name is Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika and is of the Zoan type, not the Paramecia we've known so far. 

How then Shanks eyeing the devil fruit guarded by the Who's Who raises big questions. 

Was Shanks really trying to get his devil fruit from the start? 

Why then Shanks after the devil fruit? 

Does he know the real facts of the devil fruit?

If you look at the clues, it seems that Shanks is deliberately targeting Nika's devil fruit. 

Logically, why did Shanks bother stealing the devil fruit if he previously didn't know any information about the devil fruit. Shanks could have stolen or targeted another devil fruit. 

However, Shanks actually stole a devil fruit that was guarded by the World Government.

With Shanks eyeing the devil fruit – even specifically targeting Nika's devil fruit – it means that he and his crew already know what to target. 

And how Shanks dared to steal the devil fruit from the hands of the World Government could be another proof. 

Where did he get the information about Nika's devil fruit? 

Maybe he knew from Roger, who had given information about what he saw and found in Laugh Tale.

One Piece: Shanks Knows Luffy's Devil Fruit Secret?

Another possibility, Shanks looking for information about the devil fruit from the encyclopedia in the ocean. 

However, considering that information about Nika's devil fruit had been hidden for 800 years, it might make more sense if Shanks later got information about Nika's devil fruit from his former captain. 

Because, information about the devil fruit could be written on the Poneglyph in Laugh Tale.

What then becomes the next question is why did Shanks steal or target the devil fruit? 

This is still a big question mark. 

However, as discussed in the previous article, there are several possibilities that could happen. 

One of them was that it was Shanks' way of fighting the World Government.

Shanks realized that the World Government was a system and a great power. He and his own group may not necessarily be able to face them or destroy the existing system. 

That's why he needs "additional power" which is none other than the devil fruit. 

They had previously found out or did research on the devil fruit, including its abilities.

One Piece: Shanks Knows Luffy's Devil Fruit Secret?

And after gathering information, they decided to look for the devil fruit. 

One of their group will probably eat the devil fruit – and the chance to eat the devil fruit is Shanks. 

After that, they will only practice and strengthen the use of the devil fruit before they use that power to destroy the World Government.

This can also be related to another popular theory from Shanks, which states that Shanks is a keeper of world peace. 

Shanks then has to change his grand plan after Nika's devil fruit no longer belongs to the group. 

And the way to do that is through diplomacy, as he has done so far.

What he probably didn't expect was that the diplomacy was actually a way for Shanks to gain benefits and access to other things – as well received by the Gorosei. 

Although at first Shanks was annoyed and angry because his devil fruit was eaten by Luffy, but now he is calm that the figure who ate the devil fruit also turned out to have great potential like his former captain, Gol D. Roger. 

Also, his bet against Luffy proved right.

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