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One Piece: 8 Mistakes Made by Eiichiro Oda!

One Piece: 8 Mistakes Made by Eiichiro Oda!

There is no need to doubt that the One Piece series is one of the greatest anime series of all time. 

This is shown by the series that has been running for more than 1,000 episodes and has also run for more than 20 years. 

It seems difficult for any other series that is able to approach the achievements of the One Piece series so far.

Despite being one of the best series of all time, it must also be acknowledged that the One Piece series is not a perfect series. 

There are various problems that must be faced by the series since its inception until now. 

Then, what are the various mistakes made by Oda in the One Piece anime series?

1. Uncertain Flow

One Piece: 8 Mistakes Made by Eiichiro Oda!

With the One Piece series being one of the longest series in history, the problem of plot or pace is one of the problems that is often presented in the series. 

It is not uncommon for the anime version to have problems when the storyline presented in the anime version is too close to the manga version. 

To overcome this, finally the answer presented is to slow down the storyline.

Introducing more filler containing flashbacks, recaps, and so on is a way to prevent a story "collision" between manga and anime. 

With this erratic plot, fans often choose to skip the filler arc in the series, and wait until a new arc reappears.

2. Repetitive Stories

One Piece: 8 Mistakes Made by Eiichiro Oda!

With the series that has been running for more than 20 years, the fans can clearly read the pattern of the stories that will be presented in the series. 

Oda Sensei is often known as a mangaka who brings surprises, where he will present stories that are not according to what fans predict.

However, even so, Oda Sensei also often uses the same elements and patterns in an arc, place, or so on, which allows fans to predict or guess what will happen next. 

This too predictable and repetitive story is often complained by fans and is considered boring.

3. Use of Plot Armor

One Piece: 8 Mistakes Made by Eiichiro Oda!

In the One Piece story, geeks may be familiar when they see a character who should have died but reappears injured. 

Plot armor like this is often presented by Oda Sensei in his stories, which often creates a commotion among fans. 

In fact, fans often criticize this.

They think that Oda Sensei is too afraid to "kill" a character, even though Oda Sensei himself has his own reasons why he does this. An example of this is Pell in the Alabasta arc. 

In order to save the Alabasta region from a bomb explosion, he sacrificed himself by flying while carrying the bomb. 

However, then we see how Pell comes back and is still alive.

4. Underdeveloped Villains

One Piece: 8 Mistakes Made by Eiichiro Oda!

Many of the antagonists in the One Piece series are characters with complex motivations and pasts. 

An example of this is Donquixote Doflamingo or Sakazuki. 

Both are considered as extraordinary villain characters, with great character development, making their figures feared.

Unfortunately, some of the villain characters in the series who have faced the Straw Hat crew are actually underdeveloped. 

For example, characters like Vander Decken and Spandam. 

Vander Decken is known to be after Shirahoshi's life. Spandam is known as a weak figure, but very cruel. 

These two characters are considered to be lacking in showing their evil side, which is no wonder they are easily forgotten by fans.

5. Female Character Design

One Piece: 8 Mistakes Made by Eiichiro Oda!

This is one issue that has long been criticized by fans, both male and female. 

A mangaka or creator can indeed freely describe what kind of character he will create. 

However, Oda Sensei is considered too often presents a very sensual female character, such as a very large chest and slender waist.

Oda is considered to ignore various things related to body proportions. 

For example, with a chest that is too large, of course it will make it difficult for them to fight. 

The character development of Nami and Nico Robin after the time-skip is proof of this, where fans are disappointed and think that the change is only to "satisfy" the fans.

6. Female Character Role

One Piece: 8 Mistakes Made by Eiichiro Oda!

Actually, this problem does not only occur in the story in the One Piece series. 

Almost the majority of the Shonen series have the same problem in terms of dividing the roles of women and men. 

In the Shonen series, it is almost certain that male characters always have a bigger role than women. 

The role of female characters is almost more to supporting or complementary roles.

When Nico Robin is introduced in the series, he is described as mysterious, powerful, and attractive. Robin has a lot of potential to be an interesting character. 

Unfortunately, Oda Sensei rarely shows his fighting abilities. In fact, Oda Sensei rarely shows Robin fighting.

7. Differences in Female Characters

One Piece: 8 Mistakes Made by Eiichiro Oda!

Apart from the design and character aspects, how Oda presents female characters in the story is also often a polemic among fans. 

In the One Piece series, Oda Sensei often presents female characters who are beautiful, sexy, have ideal bodies as good characters and are full of potential. 

Examples of this are Nami, Nico Robin, or even Shirahoshi.

However, on the other hand, we see how characters who have an unattractive appearance are depicted as evil female figures or presented as a form of comedy element in the story. 

This is what makes fans protest what Oda Sensei has done. 

They think that what Oda presents regarding women is unfair.

8. The Difference Between Sanji and Zoro's Attitudes

One Piece: 8 Mistakes Made by Eiichiro Oda!

Polemic also arises with how Zoro and Sanji treat the women they meet. 

Both are shown to have very contrasting differences in women. 

Zoro still considers women as a very dangerous potential, which could take their lives at any time. 

This is because Zoro knows the figure of a strong woman, Kuina.

On the other hand, Sanji considers women as weak, to be protected. 

It really can't be blamed, because it was Zeff who taught Sanji to do that. 

Finally, all of these things carried over by Sanji to this day. 

The problem with fans is that Oda Sensei seems to let these two things continue to happen. 

Instead, Oda seemed to think that what Zoro did was something extraordinary and what Sanji did was an element of comedy that was present in the story.

Being one of the most popular series around the world, One Piece gets a lot of attention from fans. 

They also criticized various things in the One Piece series that they felt were lacking. 

Of course, this criticism can be a way for the series to continue to develop even more in the future.

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