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Getting to Know the Various Planets in the Halo!

Getting to Know the Various Planets in the Halo!

The Halo series is one of the shows that has been highly anticipated for a long time, both by fans of the sci-fi genre, and by fans of the video game. 

Adapted from the popular video game of the same name, the Halo series will tell the story of the never-ending battle between the human colony UNSC and the unified alien nation Covenant. 

Even though it maintains the premise of the video game, and takes material directly from the game, the series will take place in the "Silver Timeline".

Created by Kyle Killen and Steven Kane, this 9-episode series will star Pablo Schreiber as the main character Petty Officer John-117 aka Master Chief, Jen Taylor as the voice of A.I. Cortana, with Natascha McElhone, Yerin Ha, Charlie Murphy, Shabana Azmi, Bokeem Woodbine, Kate Kennedy, Natasha Culzac, Bentley Kalu, and many more. 

And today, the premiere episode has aired on the Paramount+ streaming channel and reveals a lot of the series' highlights, including stunning planets and locations. 

What planets and locations appear in the Halo series?

1. Reach

Getting to Know the Various Planets in the Halo!

As one of the most important planets in the Halo saga, Planet Reach was clearly shown in its first episode as a large and modern city. 

In the game itself, Reach is said to be in the Epsilon Eridani solar system, and was first discovered by humans in 2362. 

Since then, Reach has become the largest colony of humans besides Earth. As seen in the series, in the war between humans and the alien Covenant, Reach becomes the strategic center of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) which plays an important role in the universe, in which many important people, including Dr. Halsey, who is in control of the human colony in the Inner Colonies.

2. Madrigal

Getting to Know the Various Planets in the Halo!

Different from Reach which is in the Inner Colonies region, Madrigal is a planet located in UNSC's Outer Colonies, precisely in the 23 Librae solar system. 

That's why many humans fly to Madrigal in the hope of breaking away from UNSC and becoming part of the Insurrectionist. 

However, what many people don't realize is that the UNSC itself didn't just let Madrigal go, because it contained a lot of hydrogen isotope mines used to fuel spacecraft.

And in the first episode, one of Madrigal's Insurrectionist regions is seen being attacked by the Covenant aliens, who may know the location of a Forerunner artifact in a Madrigal cave.

When everyone was nearly killed by the Covenant, luckily the Master Chief and his Spartan army arrived and managed to save the remaining Insurrectionists, including the young woman Kwan Ha Boo.

3. High Charity

Getting to Know the Various Planets in the Halo!

In addition to the previously mentioned planets, the first episode also revealed an important location in the Halo series, namely High Clarity. 

Often referred to as the Holy City of the Covenant or Prophets' Holy City, High Clarity is the walking capital of the Covenant alien nation led by an alien named Prophet, along with his accomplice who turns out to be a human named Makee.

With a shape that looks like a jellyfish at a glance, High Clarity has a diameter of 348 km, which makes High Clarity one of the largest homes for alien colonies. 

In the game it is explained that the great capital of the Covenant is powered by ancient technology invented by the cosmic race Forerunner, that's why High Clarity can travel to outer space with ease.

4. The Rubble

Getting to Know the Various Planets in the Halo!

Although it doesn't appear in the first episode, based on what has been revealed through the trailer, The Rubble is confirmed to be one of the important locations in the Halo series. 

As the name implies, The Rubble or debris is a collection of asteroid fragments connected by giant tubes by humans, in the hope of making it a new colony.

Its location in the 23 Librae solar system has made many refugees from Madrigal choose to move and settle in The Rubble. 

As a place in UNSC's Outer Colonies, in the game it is told that The Rubble secretly has a lot of navigation data that allows Covenant to go to Earth, that's why UNSC is very concerned about the colonies on this asteroid.

With these four locations, it's pretty clear that the Halo series will take a serious approach to the original material from the video game. 

Although taking place in the Silver Timeline, the series will still show various important locations related to the UNSC, other human colonies, and the alien nation Covenant. 

In addition, it is reported that Paramount has also promised that for the next episodes they will explore the Halo mythology further, where other important locations may appear.

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