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7 Reasons Why Android Users Should Switch to iPhone

7 Reasons Why Android Users Should Switch to iPhone

In the world of technology, there is no discussion that sparks debate faster than discussing which one is better between Android and iPhone. 

Android is affordable, but it is undeniable that the iPhone is so attractive because of the luxurious impression it offers.

In addition, the iPhone also has a number of advantages that cannot be found on Android. 

If you are currently using Android, maybe you can listen to reviews about why Android users should switch to iPhone, below. 

Check it out!

1. Resale price that remains stable

7 Reasons Why Android Users Should Switch to iPhone

"Expensive" may be a word that cannot be separated when talking about the iPhone. 

Although sometimes the iPhone has a slightly more expensive price than Android, the iPhone has one advantage, namely the resale price that remains stable.

Android phones will usually experience a drastic drop in resale prices after a year or two, while iPhones remain stable and not much different from the price when they were purchased. 

Even in some cases, flagship-class Android phones that are sold in used condition only cost half the price when they were originally purchased, even though they were only released about a year earlier.

2. Lower risk of security breach

7 Reasons Why Android Users Should Switch to iPhone

It is undeniable that the security system owned by the iPhone operating system, namely iOS, is much better and minimally broken than the Android security system. 

In addition to implementing strict regulations for applications that can enter the App Store, the iPhone also continues to receive regular security system updates and the Apple device ecosystem is also made as closed as possible.

An iPhone that is hacked or infected with a virus is usually an iPhone that has been jailbroken or the system has been modified in such a way that the security system is more vulnerable to external attacks.

3. A more user-friendly user-interface

7 Reasons Why Android Users Should Switch to iPhone

One of the main selling points of Android is its much more complete customization than the iPhone. 

On Android, users are given the freedom to customize, especially for the visuals of the UI, in addition to other customizations through applications in the Play Store.

However, good knowledge is needed if you want to maximize these customization features. 

iPhone on the other hand, has customization features that are not that deep, but the UI is designed in such a way that it remains user-friendly and easy to understand, even for new users.

4. Very well integrated Apple ecosystem

7 Reasons Why Android Users Should Switch to iPhone

It is understandable that Google in recent years has continued to strive to maximize good integration between their ecosystem of operating systems such as Android. 

But for now, integration between ecosystems for devices powered by Google's operating system, usually requires a third-party platform or application to run smoothly.

iPhone as a competitor, does not need such things because the ecosystem offered by Apple has been integrated very well, creating a user-experience between devices that is more comfortable than Android.

5. Easy to spot a fake device

7 Reasons Why Android Users Should Switch to iPhone

One of the problems that exist in the smartphone industry today is the increasing number of fake cellphones on the market, which have an identical appearance to the original. 

In contrast to Android, which requires extra precision to be able to distinguish between the original and the fake, knowing a fake iPhone is much easier.

Every iPhone comes with a unique serial number which can be found in Settings > General > About. 

If so, users just need to enter that serial number on Apple's Check Protection page. 

If genuine, the serial number will display the date of purchase, warranty support and other info of the iPhone.

6. Camera with more natural photos

7 Reasons Why Android Users Should Switch to iPhone

Unlike the iPhone which is fairly comfortable in maintaining their resolution, Android on the other hand, always continues to innovate by presenting a high-resolution camera of up to 108MP. 

Even so, many people prefer the iPhone camera because the resulting photos are much more realistic and more natural.

In addition, the iPhone is also only equipped with support for recording 4K video, which in fact makes more sense for frequent use, rather than support for recording 8K video on some flagship-class Android phones, which are certainly very rarely used, let alone just posting on social media.

7. Support for many years of operating system updates

7 Reasons Why Android Users Should Switch to iPhone

The biggest factor that makes iPhone superior to Android is the fact that Apple, provides years of support for operating system updates. 

Even cellphones that were released almost a decade ago, still get the latest iOS updates today.

Unlike Apple, which is always on time, Android phones made by third-party brands such as Samsung, for example, need extra time of up to several months before finally releasing the latest operating system updates to their cellphones. 

Except for Google's own cellphone, it's very rare for Android phones to provide operating system updates for years.

That was a review of some of the reasons why Android users should switch to iPhone. 

Did the above review make you more interested in moving to the iPhone? 

Share your opinion in the comments column below!

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