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7 of the Most Brutal Criminal Organizations in Anime!

7 of the Most Brutal Criminal Organizations in Anime!

In the anime series, there is no greater obstacle to the path of the main protagonist than an evil and horrific criminal group that unleashes chaos and horror in the midst of society. 

These criminal gangs usually contain various powerful and extraordinary characters, which even the main protagonist is unable to stop them.

The main motive of the criminal organization is none other than preventing the main protagonist from realizing their dreams, and also of course spreading a lot of evil among innocent people. 

Although there are many criminal organizations presented so far, here are some of the most brutal criminal organizations in the anime world.

7. The Millennium Organization – Hellsing

7 of the Most Brutal Criminal Organizations in Anime!

The Millennium is a paramilitary organization belonging to the Nazi group. 

So, it seems there is no longer any doubt about how evil and terrible this group/organization is. 

This group was formed at the end of the second world war after the defeat of the human Nazi group.

What makes The Millennium terrible is that this group isn't just people. Its members are also robots, vampires, and even werewolves. 

It is known that The Millennium organization does not have a clear goal. 

All they want is war and bloodshed.

6. Aogiri Tree – Tokyo Ghoul

7 of the Most Brutal Criminal Organizations in Anime!

Aogiri Tree is a criminal organization formed by Eto Yoshimura. 

This organization is believed to be led by a mysterious figure named the One-Eyed King. 

What's interesting is that the members themselves have never once met the leader of the organization, except for the figure of Tatara, who is a subordinate of the king and is one of the leaders of the Aogiri Tree. 

This organization contains Ghouls, ranging from rank C to rank S. 

The main goal of the Aogiri Tree is to make the Ghouls the dominant species in this world.

5. Monster Association – One-Punch Man

7 of the Most Brutal Criminal Organizations in Anime!

The Monster Association is the main antagonist group in the series, which contains approximately 500 monstrous monsters that pose a serious threat to humans in the One-Punch Man series. 

From Tiger level monsters to Above Dragons, everything was in this organization of monsters. 

The Monster Association itself is led by a figure named Psykos and also Orochi the king of monsters.

Psykos himself is a very strong esper or telekinesis expert and also a military adviser to the Monster Association. 

Meanwhile, Orochi is the leader of his organization. 

Even so, Psykjos and Orochi are considered monsters with the threat level of Dragon aka dragons. 

The goal of this organization is to end the Hero Association's domination and rule the world.

4. The Homunculi – Full Metal Alchemist

7 of the Most Brutal Criminal Organizations in Anime!

The Homunculi are the main antagonist faction in the Full Metal Alchemist series. 

The members of The Homunculi are drawn from the seven great sins that are widely known; Pride, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth, and Envy. 

Each member of the Homunculi are created when they emerge from the Philosopher's stone belonging to the Father, the leader of the Homunculi group.

They then merge with the bodies of living beings which are humans. The Homunculi are considered a very dangerous and terrible threat, because each of them has the ability to destroy normal humans. 

The members of The Homunculi are extremely difficult to kill, unless the regeneration power of the Father's Philosopher's Stone is exhausted. 

These organizations want nothing more than bloodshed and violence wherever they go.

3. The Espada – Bleach

7 of the Most Brutal Criminal Organizations in Anime!

The Espoada are an elite group of Arrancars and Hollow-Shinigami combined in the Bleach story. 

This group has tremendous abilities, even having the potential to defeat Shinigami who are at the captain level. 

Even so, The Espada themselves often fail to meet Aizen's expectations, which is why Aizen then forms his own "Espada". 

They are then given the power by Aizen to help him realize Aizen's dream of creating Oken by sacrificing all the souls of the residents in Karakura Town.

2. Akatsuki – Naruto

7 of the Most Brutal Criminal Organizations in Anime!

It seems that all geeks are very familiar with this criminal organization, because it can be said that Akatsuki's popularity is very global. 

At first, Akatsuki was created by Yahiko with Konan and Nagato to end all tyranny and wars between ninja villages that occurred at that time. 

However, unfortunately, their efforts turned 180 degrees after Yahiko's death.

In the end, the main goal of Akatsuki changed. They are no longer trying to create world peace in a good way, but by spreading terror and threats. 

This group consists of nine people, some of whom are S-rank shinobi.

Akatsuki's goal is to collect all the Bijuu from the Jinchuriki and then create war against all countries, for the sake of creating peace.

By presenting the horror as well as various attempts to stop the main mission of the main protagonist, the group of villains becomes something very dangerous and terrible to deal with. 

And it's not easy for the protagonists to stop them either. 

However, on the other hand, this is also what makes an anime series fun to enjoy.

1. Twelve Demons Moons – Kimetsu No Yaiba

7 of the Most Brutal Criminal Organizations in Anime!

The Twelve Demon Moons are a group of great and powerful and terrible demons created directly by Muzan Kibutsuji, the king or leader of the demons. 

The Twelve Demon Moons group itself is divided into sections: Lower Rank or Low rank and Upper Rank or Upper group. 

As the name implies, the Lower Rank is a group that contains weak demons, and the Upper Rank contains very strong and terrible demons.

All the demons belonging to this group were originally humans, but they decided voluntarily to turn themselves into demons by uniting themselves with the blood of Muzan. 

The demons move in the dark and suck human souls in order to survive and become stronger.

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