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DC: 7 Oddities in Gotham City!

DC: 7 Oddities in Gotham City!

In its history, Gotham is one of the oldest and most famous major cities that DC has ever narrated. 

First introduced in 1940 in the comic Batman #4 by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, the location of Gotham is in New Jersey, United States. 

Even though it is located in a very developed country, there are some things that Gotham City feels very strange, as if the city is in a very far world. 

Like what are the oddities that only exist in Gotham City and cannot exist in other cities in the DC Universe. 

Check out the list below!

1. Resist Modernization

DC: 7 Oddities in Gotham City!

When compared to the famous Metropolis, which was more advanced than its time, especially for journalistic activities, Gotham is the only Gothic city that still retains most of its appearance in the corners of the city. 

In addition to the atmosphere on the streets that look dark and gloomy, the buildings also mostly have the same architectural style, where the paint used tends to be dark in color. 

However, even so, Gotham City also has a variety of technologies of its own, most of which are made by Wayne Enterprise, Inc. and several other “local” companies.

2. Police Not Much Help

DC: 7 Oddities in Gotham City!

In addition to the atmosphere of the city which is gothic and tends to be dark, it is also not very safe, because almost every time there is always a crime. 

In fact, if you look at the number of police officers and the facilities of the Gotham City Police Department, the security of Gotham City itself should be well maintained. 

However, in reality, the GCPD police don't really play a big role and are often shown to be defeated by a smaller number of villains. 

Not to mention when Batman and his Bat Family managed to catch the villains and imprisoned them in the GCPD, the villains always managed to escape.

3. Lots of Brutal Superheroes

DC: 7 Oddities in Gotham City!

The weakness of the GCPD itself ultimately forces superheroes or vigilantes to take to the streets to tackle the “problem” in Gotham City, which makes it seem even stranger. 

While superheroes generally have an authoritative appearance and are always a hope for the citizens of the city, the city of Gotham is actually filled with dark superheroes who are notorious for being brutal in their actions. 

This may not be without reason, considering that the villains in Gotham City are also quite brutal.

4. Corruption Culture

DC: 7 Oddities in Gotham City!

In addition to criminals who control every street corner in Gotham City, it turns out that there are also criminals with tie who usually occupy important positions in their city. 

These criminals make the city of Gotham seem to have no virtue or superiority from other cities, especially because almost every line of official institutions in the city turns out to be filled with corruptors who are busy enriching themselves. 

What's worse, Gotham City is also more often led by corrupt mayors, even villains like Penguin have also been mayors of the city, so it's not surprising that in the end corruption in Gotham has become an ingrained culture.

5. Lots of Mad Doctors and Scientists

DC: 7 Oddities in Gotham City!

In addition to the corrupt local government and weak police, for some reason in this city there are also many scientists and doctors, both born in Gotham itself and those who come from outside, always end up being scientists and doctors mad. 

Not infrequently they also end up being ruthless villains in Gotham City who always carry out crazy experiments either on their citizens or on themselves. 

Some of Gotham City's famous mad scientists and doctors, among them Dr. Hugo Strange, Dr. Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow, and Lazlo Valentin aka Professor Pig.

6. Residents Stay At Home

DC: 7 Oddities in Gotham City!

With all the intrigue involved, what's even weirder is why there are still Gotham City residents who don't want to move to a better place out there. 

With the nickname pinned as the worst city in the DC Universe, there should be a lot of choices that are far better than Gotham. 

It's as if every crime and action of the superheroes in the city has become daily food for the citizens of Gotham. 

When there are various horrific events that lead to genocide in his city, such as the Joker laughing virus, the residents keep coming back and never diminish in the slightest.

7. Central Government Indifference

DC: 7 Oddities in Gotham City!

If Gotham City existed in the real world, the central government, in this case America, would have taken over everything in Gotham. 

For example, if the Joker was real, he would have been arrested and sentenced to death for all his crazy acts, as well as vigilantes like Batman who have been arrested for hanging around in suspicious costumes. 

However, strangely this has never happened in Gotham City, even though Batman and Joker are very easy to find, considering that they never give up on acting in this strange city.

Those are seven oddities of Gotham City that seem only to be owned by the city. 

Apart from the various acts of vigilantes or superheroes who at least managed to make the city look attractive, in it there is nothing to be proud of, from criminals who are spread evenly on the streets and various official institutions, then the police who seem not very influential, until became the birthplace of the worst DC villains of all time.

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