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Tokyo Revengers: Kanto Manji Members!

Tokyo Revengers: Kanto Manji Members!

Two years after Manjiro Sano alias Mikey disbanded the Tokyo Manji (Toman) gang in the story in the Tokyo Revengers manga series, Mikey then formed another gang that was no less big and no less terrible. 

The gang is named Kantou Manji. 

It seems, based on his name Mikey wants not only the Tokyo area, but the entire Kanto area.

And this is proven, where the Kanto Manji Gang is one of the ruling gangs in the area besides Brahman and Rokuhara Tandai. 

However, after the battle of the three biggest gangs that had just ended, it was determined that the entire area of ​​Tokyo and Kanto was currently controlled by the Kanto Manji Gang who became the victor. 

Then, who are the members of this Kantou Manji Gang?

Haruchiyo Sanzu

Haruchiyo Sanzu

After Toman disbanded, Haruchiyo Sanzu immediately joined a new gang created by its former leader, Mikey, namely the Kanto Manji Gang. 

The joining of Sanzu to the gang formed by Mikey is considered one of the factors or causes Mikey to turn into an evil figure in the future. And that's what later became the forerunner of the formation of Bonten.

Since the beginning of his introduction, Sanzu has been known as a terrible and ruthless figure. 

He is shown not to hesitate to injure or kill someone who has betrayed or injured someone he considers a leader. 

For Sanzu, the leader or the king was everything. In terms of appearance, Sanzu can be said to be very deceptive.

He seems like a kind, calm, and trustworthy person. 

However, in fact, he could be someone who manipulated someone. 

Sanzu had manipulated his own partner for quite a long time, until later he found out that his figure had betrayed Mikey. 

And in the future timeline, when Sanzu becomes a member of Bonten, he is shown killing many people with a gun because he is considered a traitor.

Hajime Kokonoi

Hajime Kokonoi

Hajime Kokonoi is a close friend of Seishu Inui aka Inupi when they were still in the Black Dragon gang. 

They are both members of the 10th generation. 

After the gang formed by Mikey's brother was disbanded, the two then joined Tokyo Manji. 

However, in one of Toman's big events, Kokonoi and Inupi finally decided to separate because they chose their separate paths.

In the future timeline, Kokonoi is shown as one of the executives or top brass in the Bonten gang. 

Koko seems to take care of the financial problems of the gang, because of his ability to manage finances. 

What's interesting is that in the previous chapter, when Kokonoi took Takemichi to Draken's workshop and met Inupi, Kokonoi said that Inupi had chosen the right person.

Kakucho Hitto

Kakucho Hitto

Actually, Kakucho is part of the Rokuhara Tandai group led by Terano South. 

In fact, Kakucho became one of the top brass in the gang. In the battle of the three big gangs yesterday, Kakucho had a chance to fight Mikey, before then Mikey beat Kakucho out. 

After Kanto Manji was declared victorious, and Terano South was killed, it seemed Kakucho joined Mikey.

The reason is, in the future timeline, Kakucho becomes part of the executive or top brass in the Bonten organization. 

When Kakucho joins the criminal organization, he is shown as a cold person who doesn't care about the fate of people. 

He didn't even care about the corpse that Sanzu had finished off. 

Kakucho instead asked Sanzu to clean everything.

Ran and Rindo Haitani

Ran and Rindo Haitani

Besides Kakucho, former Rokuhara Tandai members who later joined Mikey's group were Ran and Rindo Haitani. 

The two brothers became the top brass in the Rokuhara Tandai group, and in the battle of the three major gangs in Tokyo yesterday the two also fought. 

Just like Kakucho, it's possible the two of them joined Mikey at this time.

This is because Ran and Rindo are also executive members of the Bonten criminal organization. 

How the attitude and behavior of the two when they became members of the Bonten organization has not been shown in the story, but from what is known so far, the two brothers are indeed very strong. 

The two of them were already considered a true “couple”, two people who could not be separated.

Kanji Mochizuki

Kanji Mochizuki

The former member of Rokuhara Tandai who joined other Mikey was Kanji Mochizuki aka Mocchi. 

While still in Rokuhara Tandai, he was the number 4 important figure. In terms of strength, Mocchi was unquestionable. 

Mocchi has the nickname "Gorilla" because of his extraordinary physical ability. 

He once beat Chifuyu to fly quite far.

Like the other characters above, after the defeat of Rokuhara Tandai it seems that Mocchi has decided to join Mikey.

He became one of the top brass in the Bonten organization, as shown in his story. 

Mocchi's appearance was very different when he joined the Bonten organization. 

His appearance was much more sinister and extremely intimidating.

Akeshi Takeomi

Akeshi Takeomi

The former vice chairman of the first generation Black Dragon gang, as well as the vice chairman of the Brahman gang with his sister, Kawargi Senju. 

In the flashback, it is shown how Takeomi was always at the forefront when the battle took place, both when he was in the Black Dragon gang and when he joined the Brahman gang. 

The Brahman gang itself has now disbanded after Senju decided this, in order to help Takemichi. 

Takeomi is shown to be one of Bonten's leaders in the future. 

He became an advisor to the organization.

Mikey's influence in the criminal world seems to be getting bigger and bigger, especially after Kanto Manji became the ruler of the Kanto region. 

And it was from there that Mikey continued to expand his territory into all of Japan. 

Mikey then formed a new gang or organization that was engaged in the black world. 

The top brass of the organization are indeed extraordinary figures, as mentioned above.

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