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One Punch Man: 10 Strongest Monster Association Members!

One Punch Man: 10 Strongest Monster Association Members!

The One-Punch Man series is one of the most popular manga and anime series since 2009. 

Fans love the light and comedic storyline, which is punctuated by the appearance of monsters and cruel villains who appear to destroy the world. 

For this reason, the monster association was created to protect humans.

However, in the world of One Punch Man, it's not just the heroes who belong to a society or association. 

It turns out that the monsters are also joined by an association called the monster association. 

All the monsters and villains gathered here, from the weakest to the strongest. Here are the strongest monster association members in the series.

10. Homeless Emperor

One Punch Man: 10 Strongest Monster Association Members!

With the devastating level of destruction he had, Homeless Emperor entered as a member of the monster association with the Dragon threat level. 

Unlike the majority of the monster association members who were mostly monsters, the Homeless Emperor was a human. 

Physically, he was far inferior to the monsters. 

However, he later obtained extraordinary power from God.

With this power, the Homeless Emperor is shown to have improved reflexes and various other things. 

Homeless Emperor also has tremendous power that is shown when fighting against Zombieman. 

Unfortunately, the latest chapter shows how the Homeless Emperor had to lose his power, because God took back that power and his life.

9. Overgrown Rover

One Punch Man: 10 Strongest Monster Association Members!

Overgrown Rover was one of the higher-ups in the monster association and the person responsible for guarding the Monster Association from various intruders. 

The Overgrown Rover is classified as a Dragon level threat due to its ability to let out a destructive explosion that can shoot out of its large mouth.

Overgrown Rover is first introduced when Garou and another monster accidentally resurrect him, forcing them to be attacked by Rover. 

Even though Overgrown Rover is a monster dog, there is no doubt that Overgrown Rover does have a Dragon threat level, which can be seen from the moment Garou attacks this monster that is not even injured at all. 

Another hero might be killed in one hit by this monster dog.

8. Fuhrer Ugly

One Punch Man: 10 Strongest Monster Association Members!

The Ugly Fuhrer is considered one of the scariest-looking characters in the monster association. 

Even though from its appearance this monster was truly terrifying, but the Fuhrer Ugly possessed a formidable strength where he could defeat most S-class heroes by himself. 

This certainly shows how scary the figure of a monster that has the level of a Dragon threat is.

One of the heroes, Amai Mask, who was the strongest of all A-class heroes and was also considered a hero on par with S-class heroes, was easily defeated where Amai Mask was beaten to death by the Ugly Fuhrer. 

Fuhrer Ugly had an incredible speed that even Amai Mask couldn't match.

7. Phoenix Man

One Punch Man: 10 Strongest Monster Association Members!

Phoenix Man was first introduced in the second season of the series when the monster association kidnapped Garou to turn him into a powerful monster. 

Phoenix Man is also known to be one of the higher-ups in the monster association, which shows how strong his figure is. 

Some fans think that Phoenix Man is the most interesting and strongest monster after he showed his abilities against the Child Emperor.

Phoenix Man is known to have almost everything related to superhuman strength such as the ability to fly, being able to move at high speeds, extraordinary reflexes, transformations, and many other things. 

One thing that makes him different from other characters is that Phoenix Man has the ability to become stronger every time he dies, and that makes Phoenix Man a difficult character to kill. 

However, in the end he was killed by the Child Emperor.

6. Carnage Kabuto

One Punch Man: 10 Strongest Monster Association Members!

Carnage Kabuto became one of the strongest monsters as well as the most tragic monster that Saitama had ever defeated. 

Carnage Kabuto is a monster created by one of the scientists, namely Dr. Genus, thus making it a terrible monster. 

Carnage Kabuto has the ability to evolve into a much stronger figure.

Carnage Kabuto who had to die at the hands of Kabuto became one of the moments that many people remember. 

The reason is, Saitama was "angry" because his fight against Carnage Kabuto made him afraid not to get cheap meat at the supermarket. 

Using Saitama's "serious" power, Carnage Kabuto was easily defeated by Saitama. 

Even so, this monster had managed to corner Saitama and Genos.

5. Black Sperm

One Punch Man: 10 Strongest Monster Association Members!

The Black Sperm is arguably the strangest monster besides the Ugly Fuhrer in the monster association. 

So far, only a few people have been able to defeat the Black Sperm, namely Monster Garou, Boros, Tatsumaki, Saitama, and Blast. 

One of the things that makes the Black Sperm such a terrible and extraordinary figure is their ability to unite.

The Black Sperm is not just one person or a monster, it's a colony. 

Black Sperm is able to "split" into billions, which then merge with each other and form a new form. 

Most recently we saw the Platinum Sperm form, the newest and most powerful form of all. 

Atomic Samurai and other S-class heroes are hard to beat this monster.

4. Geryuganshop

One Punch Man: 10 Strongest Monster Association Members!

One of the alien monsters who once attacked the earth with Boros, Geryuganshoop is a subordinate of Boros. 

Even though he wasn't from planet Earth, he was a member of the monster association. 

Just like Tatsumaki, Geryuganshoop has extraordinary psychokinesis or telekinesis abilities. 

However, many also think that Geryuganshoop is a weak version of Tatsumaki.

This monster is capable of manipulating the power of gravity, which is something that is very dangerous for everyone. 

Although Geryuganshoop only appears briefly in the series, he is able to show his abilities against Saitama. 

Murata himself said that Geryuganshoop's object-controlling abilities were far greater than Tatsumaki's.

3. Orochi x Psychos

One Punch Man: 10 Strongest Monster Association Members!

As the name implies Orochi x Psykos is a combination of Orochi, the leader of the monster association, and also Psykos, his right-hand man. 

Orochi and Psykos themselves are considered as two powerful characters, so you can imagine how terrible and extraordinary this combination monster is. 

Orochi himself was previously defeated by Saitama, while Psykos was defeated by Tatsumaki.

This forced them to unite their forces. 

Throughout the Orochi x Psykos fight against Tatsumaki, we see various epic abilities that occur. 

The effects of this battle even made many things fall apart. Starting from some areas of Z-City that are no longer in shape, to extraordinarily powerful cosmic attacks. 

An interesting fact about this monster, Yusuke Murata said that the design of Orochi x Psykos was inspired by the Neuron model in the human brain.

2. Monster Garou

One Punch Man: 10 Strongest Monster Association Members!

Garou – or now known as Monster Garou – is one of the main antagonist characters of the series, as well as the second season of the anime. 

Unlike the other monsters, Garou is also a human. 

However, the threat generated by Garou was no joke. He was considered a monster capable of destroying other powerful monsters or heroes.

Garou even managed to injure Tatsumaki. Actually, there is no confirmation that Garou is a monster with a god level threat. 

However, from what was shown in the latest chapter, it looks like Garou deserves to be a monster with a god threat level. 

The fans themselves are still waiting for the fight between Garou and Saitama.

1. Great Monster Hermit Centipede and Evil Ocean Water

One Punch Man: 10 Strongest Monster Association Members!

Great Monster Hermit Centipede and Evil Ocean Water are two new monsters that were shown in chapter 155 yesterday. 

So far, there isn't much information presented in the manga, apart from both being the embodiment of the earth or the earth and also the embodiment of water. 

The threat level of these two monsters themselves is unknown. 

However, how they were described as representatives of the natural elements, it felt like these two monsters were at the god threat level or maybe more.

The monster association really made the hero association unable to stay calm, as they continued to sow terror against people. 

And this is proven by the many strong monsters who are members of the monster association. 

Even so, some of them are considered to have more power, like the example above. 

What do you think about this?

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