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One Piece: Roger Pirates Member Bounty Value!

One Piece: Roger Pirates Member Bounty Value!

The world in the One Piece series is filled with various types of pirate crews. 

This is reasonable considering One Piece is a series that has the main theme of pirates. 

The last words of the figure of the pirate king Gol D. Roger about the existence of One Piece became a trigger for the younger generation to then compete to become pirates.

However, of the many pirate groups that exist, not all of them succeeded and were able to realize their dreams. 

This is because of the many obstacles and obstacles they have to face. 

Ranging from sea monsters to the World Government and the navy. 

So far, only Gol D. Roger's crew is known to have made it to Laugh Tale Island. 

This pirate crew also became one of the pirate groups with the greatest bounty. Here is a list of Roger's crew bounty.

1. Buggy

One Piece: Roger Pirates Member Bounty Value!

Buggy, as we know, is one of the most popular characters and is also one of the characters that appears at the beginning of the One Piece story. 

Buggy himself used to be a crew of Roger's pirates, along with Shanks before Roger's crew disbanded and they all split up.

Buggy himself had become a Shichibukai before the World Government dissolved the system. 

Buggy's own bounty is not too big, only 15 million Belly. 

This value was obtained after Buggy started his own pirate career. 

When he joined Roger, Buggy's bounty was at 5-10 million Belly. 

Buggy rarely performs actions that attract the attention of the government or the navy, so his bounty value is quite small.

2. Shanks

One Piece: Roger Pirates Member Bounty Value!

Shanks is one of the four rulers of the ocean aka Yonko. 

Shanks himself became a Yonko six years before the main timeline began. 

Even though Shanks only has one arm, he is still able to fight against strong foes like Whitebeard as well as naval admirals.

Shanks himself is like Buggy, where he was formerly part of Roger's crew. 

Currently, Shanks' own bounty is 4.048 billion Belly. 

This figure almost touches the game value of the former captain. 

Just like Buggy, Shanks got this number after he became a Yonko. 

However, Shanks' possible bounty when he was still Roger's crew might be slightly above Buggy's bounty, which is around 20 million Belly.

3. Gol D. Roger

One Piece: Roger Pirates Member Bounty Value!

The pirate king, Gol D. Roger, is one of the most powerful characters in the series. 

Roger is said to have succeeded in conquering all the islands in the Grand Line. 

His latest adventure takes him to an island called Laugh Tale, the place where the last Poneglyphs are and also from where the One Piece treasure is.

Roger is considered the most successful pirate in history. 

In terms of strength, Roger is able to match various strong characters, such as Whitebeard, in a fight. 

With the power he has, as well as how Roger knows the secrets of the world, it's only natural that he becomes a threat to the World Government. 

And because of that, the bounty reached 5,564,800,000 Belly.

4. Other bounty of Roger's Crew

One Piece: Roger Pirates Member Bounty Value!

So far, the bounty of Roger's crew has not been fully revealed. 
Only part of the value is known. 

However, there are some growing predictions regarding the bounty of Roger's crew. 

For example, the bounty of Silvers Rayleigh, who is Roger's representative, could possibly reach 2-3 billion Belly.

While for the rest of his crew, such as Kozuki Oden, the bounty may reach 900 million Belly. 

As for other crews like Crocus, the bounty may only be in the range of 200-300 million Belly. 

While Scopper Gaban may be at 800-900 million Belly. 

Roger's other crew could also be in the range of hundreds of millions of Belly.

Roger's pirate crew is without a doubt the most popular and well-known pirate crew in the ocean. 

They were the pirate crew that was able to reach the end of the New World and reach Laugh Tale. 

Although some of Roger's pirate crew got a big bounty after this crew disbanded, but this shows that Roger's crew is a formidable crew.

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