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DC Universe: 7 Saddest Tragedy!

DC Universe: 7 Saddest Tragedy!

The DC Universe is a comic universe full of unexpected events. 

While DC's superheroes aspire to protect Earth and everything in it from tragedy, the reality is that even the strongest superheroes can't always be there when needed, which in the end leads to an unavoidable tragedy. 

Not all tragedies can finally be resolved and just let go, because there are some of them that still remain in the hearts of fans. 

Here are 7 of the saddest tragedies in the DC Universe!

1. Barbara Gordon Shot

DC Universe: 7 Saddest Tragedy!

There is no doubt that Bruce Wayne aka Batman is the DC superhero who has received the most tragedy in his life. 

One of the most memorable days for Batman and fans was when Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl was shot by the Joker in Batman: The Killing Joke. 

It is said that in order to destroy Batman, the Joker went to Jim Gordon's house and shot his daughter Barbara. 

This incident makes Barbara paralyzed and stops being Batgirl. 

Although in the end Barbara returned as Oracle, but she will never forget this tragic incident.

2. Supergirl's Death

DC Universe: 7 Saddest Tragedy!

Crisis on Infinity Earth is one of the most famous events in the DC Universe. 

This incident is a story that fans can't just forget, because it includes a lot of victims, including the fan's favorite female superhero, Supergirl. 

When the superheroes find out about Anti-Monitor's base, they're in too much of a rush to attack it without a strategy. 

The flight-capable Supergirl darts straight at Anti-Monitor only to have him receive a mortal blow that instantly kills him. 

Making other superheroes realize how dangerous Anti-Monitor is.

3. Flash Death

DC Universe: 7 Saddest Tragedy!

Supergirl isn't the only superhero to die in the bloody events of Crisis on Infinity Earth. 

Barry Allen aka Flash is one of the other victims who died at the hands of the Anti-Monitor. 

It is said that the Anti-Monitor managed to catch Flash after him to try to attack him. 

Knowing that Anti-Monitor is not an opponent he can beat on his own, Flash then flees. 

However, when an antimatter cannon is fired to destroy Earth-1, the Flash attempts to stop it, and in the process he becomes the first popular superhero to die.

4. Tragedy in the Sanctuary

DC Universe: 7 Saddest Tragedy!

The Sanctuary is one of the first bases that is said to have been a haven for superheroes for a long time. 

Many new superheroes are told to find their identity in this place, especially because of the burden of being a superhero that often makes them tired and sometimes makes them depressed. 

However, when Wally West is told to arrive at the Sanctuary to find his true identity, he actually loses control of his Speed ​​Force and ends up killing everyone there, including Roy Harper aka Arsenal who is Green Arrow's sidekick.

5. The Death of Superman and Lois Lane

DC Universe: 7 Saddest Tragedy!

Superman is one of the most powerful superheroes in the universe, and that's true in all of DC's alternate universes as well. 

Where it ultimately allows him to die at the hands of another Superman. In the comic Infinity Crisis, it is said that Earth-2 was attacked by Superboy-Prime from Earth-3. 

To protect Earth, Superman tries to face Superboy-Prime who is much stronger than him. 

In the process Superman had to accept his defeat which led to his death at the hands of Superboy. 

Besides Superman, in Earth-2, Lois Lane is also told to die of old age, making the universe lose two important characters at once.

6. Superman's Death at the Hands of Doosmday

DC Universe: 7 Saddest Tragedy!

In the comic The Death of Superman, it is told that Earth's strongest hero, Superman, died at the hands of Doomsday while trying to protect Metropolis. 

As a superhero who is loved for his services and considered the hope of Earth, Superman's death caused all humanity to mourn. 

It was one of the most tragic and shocking DC tragedies of all time. 

His death has sent a wave of sorrow and enthusiasm in the DC Universe, which has made other superheroes work together to protect Earth since Superman's departure.

7. Death of Bruce Wayne's Parents

DC Universe: 7 Saddest Tragedy!

All Batman fans, even almost all comic book fans, must know the incident where Bruce Wayne's parents were killed in an alley by a robber. 

This incident became the most memorable tragic story until now, because as a result of this incident Bruce eventually became the superhero Batman as an adult, cleaning up Gotham City and all the evil in it. 

The story is repeated over and over again in all Batman stories, whether in comics, games, or in movies. Making it a DC tragic story that everyone will remember the most.

Those are the 7 most tragic stories in the DC Universe that left the most mark on the hearts of fans and the entire DC story. 

These seven events ultimately became the impetus for the humans and superheroes left behind to remain steadfast and move on with life. 

Likewise for fans, although in the end many new stories have emerged, these seven tragic stories are not easily forgotten.

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