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Top 5 Best Couples in Anime: Perfect Match! (UPDATE)

Top 5 Best Couples in Anime: Perfect Match! (UPDATE)

Many anime characters sometimes have unique partners.

This couple might be able to inspire fans.

Here are 5 couples in anime that might be a perfect match.

1. Tomoya and Nagisa from Clannad

Top 5 Best Couples in Anime: Perfect Match! (UPDATE)

The tears that fall while watching this anime are countless.

Tomoya and Nagisa's love stays with us even after the last episode ends.

Tomoya who is tired of his boring daily life and Nagisa who tries to stay optimistic even though his body is weak is like a beautiful fate.

Tomoya and Nagisa made the list not because I enjoy a sad love story, but because they show the ups and downs of every relationship.

Sometimes love can hurt and sometimes you can't have a happy ending with the person you love.

But still, Clannad has a special place in the hearts of fans.

2. Otonashi and Kanade from Angel Beats

Top 5 Best Couples in Anime: Perfect Match! (UPDATE)

My heart still hurts every time I remember the anime Angel Beats.

It wasn't just Otonashi and Kanade's love, but the whole show itself that broke all the audience's hearts into pieces.

The stories of the characters will make you cry.

Is there a better place to meet your soulmate?

I have to admit that these two never technically had the chance to be a couple, but Otonashi and Kanade are really nice to each other.

Otonashi and Kanade will always be one of the best couples I have ever seen.

3. Ashitaka and San from Princess Mononoke

Top 5 Best Couples in Anime: Perfect Match! (UPDATE)

Ghibli films are always able to touch the hearts of the audience, and one of them is the character Princess Mononoke.

Ashitaka who is trying to fight the eternal curse that befell him shows the battle between humans and nature.

Only until he meets San will he be able to establish peace between the two worlds.

Ashitaka and San's emotions are more than a simple relationship.

It is basically love that transcends boundaries – between man and nature.

Ashitaka comes from a small village, while San is raised by wolves.

They know that they can't live together, but that's not a barrier.

4. Usui and Misaki from Kaichou wa maid-sama

Top 5 Best Couples in Anime: Perfect Match! (UPDATE)

Honestly, you all knew that they would both be on this list.

There's a reason this pair stands out more than all the other Shoujo anime.

Misaki tries to have a chilly aura, but in the end she needs Usui.

Together they can overcome any problem and also face any difficulties.

Usui is allowed to see Misaki's weak side and only he knows how lonely she is.

They complement each other in every way.

5. Shu and Inori from Guilty Crown

Top 5 Best Couples in Anime: Perfect Match! (UPDATE)

Moving on to another couple that is at least as special as the love story itself.

The story of Guilty Crown shows how Shu's normal life changes once he meets Inori.

It was hard to say in words what Shu and Inori really felt for each other.

The relationship between the two of them is real, they are too caught up in the war they are fighting to be able to accept their feelings.

That's why they are one of our Top 5 anime couples.

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