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Tokyo Revengers: Takemichi Will Be Evil?

Tokyo Revengers: Takemichi Will Be Evil?

Hanagaki Takemichi now has to bear a heavy burden as he attempts to save Mikey from the black hole alone. 

Takemichi realized that what he had been doing all this time, where he had involved many people to help him, had actually brought disaster to others. 

This is what makes Takemichi finally determined to no longer depend on others

In the previous chapter, we saw how Takemichi wakes up in the hospital after what happened earlier, where Mikey beats Takemichi down. 

Kokonoi tells Mikey that the fight of the three biggest gangs ends with Senju deciding to disband Brahman, in order to save Takemichi's life from Mikey's rampage.

Tokyo Revengers: Takemichi Will Be Evil?

Takemichi understands that without Senju's intervention, Mikey might actually end his life. 

Later, Chifuyu came to tell Takemichi about the funeral of the Draken. 

Chifuyu is shocked and angry by saying that everything that happened was Takemichi's fault, and Takemichi himself did not deny this.

From then on, Takemichi was determined to sort things out himself. 

In chapter 235, we see Takemichi again visited by his friends. 

Starting from his friends in middle school, until all the former members of Toman came to visit Takemichi. 

They all cheered Takemichi on, and even advised Takemichi to say whatever he really needed.

However, Takemichi said that everything was fine. 

Tokyo Revengers: Takemichi Will Be Evil?

When everyone has left, one of the panels shows how Takemichi is talking to himself. 

This moment gave a clear indication that Takemichi's mentality was very sensitive, and the various deaths that had occurred became a heavy burden on his mind.

How Takemichi refuses help from others is a matter of great concern to fans. 

They were worried that what happened to Mikey would happen to Takemichi too. 

This is because there are the same "patterns" that Takemichi emerged, one of which is how he is reluctant to accept help or is reluctant to be helped by others.

Does that mean Takemichi will turn evil? 

Even though it's unlikely, that doesn't mean it's impossible. It's not impossible in the end Takemichi will darken his eyes in order to save Mikey. 

In fact, it is not impossible, instead of saving Mikey, it was Takemichi who slipped into the black hole.

That's why Hina's figure is needed in the current situation. 

How Hina cares for Takemichi, and also how Hina gives her support to Takemichi, can be a help for Takemichi to just lighten the burden on his mind. 

And slowly, Hina was also able to give Takemichi the understanding that he couldn't do it alone.

Hina was able to explain to Takemichi that it was not wrong to be able to ask for help or depend on others. 

Because it will lighten Takemichi's burden. 

The positive attitude of the former members of Toman, as well as his other friends, can also be a way for Takemichi to lighten his load.

Tokyo Revengers: Takemichi Will Be Evil?

And interestingly, what was presented by Chifuyu who actually blamed Takemichi for everything that happened, was in contrast to the attitude presented by his other friends. 

It is still unknown whether Chifuyu was really hit by the Draken's death or if there was some other reason that made him angry with Takemichi.

To be sure, when Chifuyu came out of the room where Takemichi was being cared for and passed Hina, he seemed fed up with all the adventures that Takemichi was doing. 

Hopefully there will be an explanation of this in the next chapter.

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