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One Piece: Who is the Strongest Yonko?

One Piece: Who is the Strongest Yonko?

The four rulers of the ocean aka Yonko are pirates who are considered the most powerful in the world.

Their position was only one level below the pirate king. 

This is what makes the Yonko also considered the closest people to One Piece and the title of the next pirate king.

But, sadly, to date, none of the four Yonko have continued what Gol D. Roger had previously achieved, despite their motivation to refuse to go to Laugh Tale and earn the title of pirate king. 

Because they are the strongest pirates, in terms of strength, of course, these four pirates don't need to be in doubt.

Their devil fruit abilities are very powerful, not even just devil fruit abilities. 

Their Haki is also powerful. In fact, the Yonko are known to be users of three types of Haki, which not everyone is capable of. 

One Piece: Who is the Strongest Yonko?

With the Yonko having the title of being the strongest pirate, of course geeks are all curious as to who is the strongest among them.

When it comes to intelligence, Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard is the champion. 

From the beginning, we saw how Blackbeard was a figure who was indeed intelligent in formulating strategies or plans. 

In fact, he was willing to be patient for decades on Whitebeard's ship until he committed a crime and fled from his crew.

Then, what Blackbeard showed by plotting to kill Whitebeard, using Ace as bait, shows how Blackbeard is very smart in determining his moves or moves. 

If then talk about strength, then Kaido is the winner.

Kaido is known to have the nickname "the most powerful creature in the world" and so far not many people have managed to injure him or kill him, apart from Kozuki Oden. 

Kaido has indeed been captured and lost seven times, however, it cannot escape the fact that in terms of endurance and physical strength, Kaido is the champion. 

In addition to having terrible physical strength and endurance, Kaido also has the most troops.

In fact, the number of Kaido's army far exceeds Big Mom's army. 

The number of Kaido's troops alone is known to reach 30,000 people. 

This is known from the moment of the Straw Hat alliance's attack on Onigashima. 

One Piece: Who is the Strongest Yonko?

Then, when it comes to charisma, then Shanks is the champion. 

Shanks is known to be highly respected by everyone, even the navy and the World Government.

To this day, it remains a mystery what earned Shanks so much respect. 

Does it have anything to do with Shanks origins? 

Does it have anything to do with strength? 

Or are there other factors? 

Shanks also actually has tremendous power, especially in terms of the use of Haki. 

There is already some evidence of Shanks' Haki powers, such as when he went to Whitebeard's ship.

So, the conclusion? 

Among the four Yonko in the current One Piece story, you could say Kaido is the strongest Yonko, especially in terms of strength and endurance. 

He has the power of the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryuu devil fruit that can turn him into a giant dragon. 

His physical ability is also very extraordinary, in fact he repeatedly tried to end his life but failed.

Kaido may not have much territory, but Kaido knows how to use his territory to various advantages. 

An example is building a weapons factory and then selling it back to various groups, including the World Government. 

Apart from this, keep in mind that the assessment itself is based on the aspects mentioned above.

Basically, the Yonko are powerful figures. 

And if they fought, the situation would be a deadlock because they were both strong. 

Because of this too, for decades the Yonko had never attacked each other.

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