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One Piece: Luffy vs Shanks, Which is Stronger?

One Piece: Luffy vs Shanks, Which is Stronger?

As the battles in Onigashima became more intense, many of the characters involved in the battles experienced an increase in strength. 

For example, Sanji who experienced a power increase so that he could defeat Queen. 

Then Zoro, who experienced a power increase, which allowed him to defeat King. 

And we also see of course how Law and Kid use their devil fruit awakening powers to attack Big Mom.

How about Luffy? Luffy has also experienced an increase in strength, especially when it comes to Haki. 

At the beginning of his fight with Kaido, Luffy had lost several times where he was unconscious with only one attack of Kaido. 

In fact, Luffy also had a chance to fall from Onigashima, before he was saved by the Hati pirate crew.

Luffy later made it back to Onigashima, and what stands out the most is how Luffy noticed that Kaido used Advanced Conqueror Haki to layer his attacks as well as defend. 

Luffy did the same thing, which turned out to be effective in making Kaido weak. 

The proof is that the fire cloud surrounding Onigashima is slowly getting thinner.

This increase in strength makes some fans believe that Luffy is now on the same level as the Yonko. 

And because of this, some other fans believe that Luffy has the same strength as Shanks. However, is Luffy's strength the same as Shanks?

One Piece: Luffy vs Shanks, Which is Stronger?

At the beginning of Luffy's meeting with Shanks, Luffy had promised Shanks that they would meet again after Luffy proved that he was a great pirate figure. 

He wanted to surpass Shanks' strength, and then become a pirate king. 

And as Shanks pointed out, perhaps the time for their meeting was drawing near.

Can Luffy Face Shanks? That's the big question right now. 

Since Shanks gave his straw hat to Luffy 22 years ago, Luffy has now grown tremendously especially in terms of strength. 

From the beginning Luffy could only use Gear Second as his main strength, was able to use Haki by accident, had Gear Fourth, was able to see into the future, and now Luffy has mastered Advanced Conqueror Haki.

Will Luffy be able to face Shanks? With his current strength, Luffy is at least able to balance his strength with Shanks. 

One Piece: Luffy vs Shanks, Which is Stronger?

Advanced Conqueror Haki technique, a testament to the peak of Luffy's strength for now. 

With this technique, Luffy was eventually able to injure Kaido and slowly weaken him.

Luffy himself is one of the few people who can master all types of Haki. 

He is also able to develop the use of his Gomu Gomu devil fruit well, so this can be useful in any situation. 

Based on all the explanations above, logically if Luffy is then able to injure the figure of "the most powerful creature in the world" apart from Kaido having previously received many great attacks, it means that Luffy can also injure Shanks.

One Piece: Luffy vs Shanks, Which is Stronger?

However, even though Luffy has the power to injure Shanks, Luffy still lacks one thing, namely endurance. 

Luffy's endurance in some of the great battles he has experienced – such as against Rob Lucci or Charlotte Katakuri – deserves thumbs up. Luffy also never gives up in every fight.

Luffy's level of endurance is still not at the same level as the other Yonko's. 

Kaido is a vivid example of this. 

He fought Zoro, Luffy, Kid, Law, and Killer as well as the Red Scabbards. Kaido took all of their attacks. 

Kaido also used his powers to restrain Onigashima, and was still able to fight Luffy.

This means that Kaido's endurance is really very monster. 

Will Luffy be able to do the same? 

I don't think so. Luffy's level of defense and endurance is still not able to be at the same level. 

Also into consideration is the crew owned by both.

One Piece: Luffy vs Shanks, Which is Stronger?

In chapter 957, the navy said that the Shanks pirate group was the most balanced pirate group and the most difficult to beat. 


Because the level of strength between the crew is not too far aka balanced. 

Even though Shanks is the strongest, Lucky Roo or Benn Beckman's strength level is not much different from Shanks.

On the other hand, the Straw Hats are different from Shanks' group. 

There is a difference in strength emerging in this group. For example, we know a trio of monsters, the three most powerful characters. 

While others do not have the same level of strength. Examples are Chopper, Nami, and Usopp.

So, the conclusion is that when Luffy finally reunites with Shanks, he will have almost the same strength as Shanks.

One Piece: Luffy vs Shanks, Which is Stronger?

Maybe Shanks is still slightly ahead of Luffy, but that doesn't mean Luffy doesn't put up a great fight at all.

After Kaido's defeat by Luffy, the world in the One Piece series will definitely not be the same again. 

The World Government inevitably has to acknowledge Luffy as one of the strongest in the ocean. 

For now, Luffy can be recognized as being able to match Shanks in battle. 

Regardless of whether Luffy will win or lose, Luffy will ultimately fulfill his promise to Shanks.

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