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One Piece: Is Big Mom Really Stronger Than Kaido?

One Piece: Is Big Mom Really Stronger Than Kaido?

Big Mom and Kaido are the two Yonko in One Piece. Previously, they were members of the Rocks pirates. 

However, after the God Valley incident, Big Mom and Kaido chose to separate and create their own pirate teams. 

They are actually very strong, as evidenced by their roles in Wano, Kaido and Big Mom being the main villains. 

But in yesterday's latest chapter, Big Mom was defeated first, while Kaido will still fight against Luffy.

Even though Big Mom first lost to Kaido, that doesn't mean Kaido is stronger than him. There is some evidence that Big Mom is stronger than Kaido. 

Never lose

One Piece: Is Big Mom Really Stronger Than Kaido?

Big Mom has a much better reputation than Kaido. He is known to have never lost a fight (before his defeat at Wano). 

Big Mom has always been a serious threat to her enemies. 

While Kaido, despite getting the title of "the strongest creature in the world", but Kaido has often lost. Kaido has been defeated 7 times, although it is still unknown who has defeated him. 

Kaido may be strong, but his track record is not as good as Big Mom's.

Big Mom Ever Beat Kaido

One Piece: Is Big Mom Really Stronger Than Kaido?

As mentioned earlier, Kaido has lost 7 times. 

One of the characters who reportedly defeated Kaido was Big Mom. Before Big Mom and Kaido formed an alliance in Wano, they had fought each other, but the battle seemed to have been won by Big Mom. 

That's why Kaido has a debt of gratitude to Big Mom, after Big Mom gave him a devil fruit. 

Big Mom proved to be very strong, especially with her devil fruit, Soru Soru no Mi. 

The devil fruit is able to take the soul of a person, including Kaido. 

If other people can't hurt Kaido's body, then Big Mom can directly kill Kaido without hurting him.

Have Lots of Information

One Piece: Is Big Mom Really Stronger Than Kaido?

Big Mom has many subordinates. In fact, the number of his men is the largest among other pirates. 

With so many subordinates, Big Mom gets more benefits. He can gather a lot of information from them. 

Therefore, Big Mom knows all the information in the world. 

For example, Big Mom found out when the Straw Hats were training during the timeskip. 

In addition, Big Mom also knows how to enter Wano. 

Kaido's own crew even admits that Big Mom has a lot of intel that makes her know various information.

Have a Loyal Crew

To become a great pirate, a pirate needs a loyal crew. Big Mom itself does have a loyal crew, and there are many of them. 

Now to avoid betrayal that occurred between the crew, Big Mom used the "services" of her biological children to become her pirate crew. 

His own children consist of 46 sons and 39 daughters. 

Even though Big Mom rules her men with terror and fear, her crew is very loyal to Big Mom. 

Unlike Kaido's crew, which is filled with rebels who can betray at any time.

Many Personalities

One Piece: Is Big Mom Really Stronger Than Kaido?

Big Mom is one of the most interesting characters in One Piece because she has a lot of personality. 

Big Mom has several personalities, ranging from the personality of a child, to the personality of a person who is hungry for power.

That makes the character of Big Mom very interesting, because no one can predict what she will do.

His personality often changes from an innocent child to someone who wants to have power. 

Maybe there will be other personalities that will be told in One Piece.

Those are some of the things that make Big Mom look much stronger than Kaido, not from the strength factor alone, but the supporting factors to become a great pirate. 

Do you agree that Big Mom is stronger than Kaido?

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