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Easy Ways to Report Cheaters on PUBG Mobile: Processed Immediately!

Easy Ways to Report Cheaters on PUBG Mobile: Processed Immediately!

Various online games on all platforms are not spared by players who behave cheating or cheaters.

One game that has a lot of cheaters is PUBG Mobile, where since it was first released, many accounts in the game made by Krafton have been caught using cheats.

Strict sanctions were also given by the developer with a permanently banned account, thus making the account owner unable to open it again.

Although strict sanctions have been given, but this does not provide a deterrent effect, guys.

Irresponsible parties keep popping up and using cheats in the PUBG Mobile game.

PUBG Mobile has permanently banned over 638,638 accounts deemed to be using cheats in the period 26 November - 2 December 2021.

Of the number of accounts detected using cheats, 312,932 of them are Bronze rank accounts.

It is strongly suspected that Bronze rank players use cheats to make it easier and faster to rank up.

PUBG Mobile developers continue to strongly criticize players who use cheats and consistently to eradicate them from the game.

This is to provide convenience for PUBG Mobile players so that they can play fairly.

In addition to relying on a sophisticated illegal program detection system, PUBG Mobile also processes reports one by one from players who encounter cheaters in the middle of the game.

Easy Ways to Report Cheaters on PUBG Mobile

Easy Ways to Report Cheaters on PUBG Mobile: Processed Immediately!

The easiest way to report a cheater on PUBG Mobile is to report it immediately after the match ends via the in-game feature.

Don't leave the lobby right away, select the "Report" button in the lower left corner on the match result page.

Select the name of the player you want to report along with the type of cheating, namely "Cheating".

You can also tell the chronology that you are experiencing in the column provided.

Report Cheaters When You Go Out to the Lobby

Easy Ways to Report Cheaters on PUBG Mobile: Processed Immediately!

If you have rushed out to the lobby, there is still another way, namely selecting the menu in the lower right corner of the lobby, then selecting "Report".

Here you have to manually fill in the cheater's name, UID, and the type of cheat they use.

Always include the UID of the player you want to report, because they might have changed their nickname first to escape the tracking process.

Don't forget to include evidence in the form of screenshots or videos to speed up the investigation process.

After receiving your report, PUBG Mobile will first check whether it is true that the player is using cheats or other illegal programs.

This process is indeed quite time consuming, but you don't have to worry because the report you send will definitely be processed.

If it is proven to use cheats, the player you report will be immediately sentenced to permanent ban.

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