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Dragon Ball: 7 Great Unsolved Mysteries!

Dragon Ball: 7 Great Unsolved Mysteries!

The Dragon Ball franchise is one of the largest franchises in the manga and anime industry. 

There have been many titles that have come from the franchise, including the most recent one is Dragon Ball Super. 

With a long storyline, it is not uncommon for the Dragon Ball series to experience inconsistencies in terms of plot, and this also happened in the Dragon Ball Super series.

In addition to something inconsistent, with the length of the story presented, it is not uncommon for fans to be curious about the various mysteries that exist. 

And even in the Dragon Ball Super series, there are many questions that are still unanswered until now. 


Here are some of them.

1. Beerus and the Dinosaurs

Beerus and the Dinosaurs

Beerus is one of the interesting characters presented in the story. 

He is one of the gods of destruction (God of Destruction) who originates from universe 7, the main universe in the series and is home to Goku and Vegeta. Speaking of Beerus, he once made a very interesting comment about the earth. 

When Goku and the others mentioned that the earth was their home planet, Beerus also had time to say that he knew the earth.

And according to Beerus, Earth is a place or planet known for its annoying dinosaurs. 

That's why Beerus decided to kill all the dinosaurs. However, the fact is that throughout the Dragon Ball franchise, we still see a lot of living dinosaurs. 

In fact, in the Dragon Ball Z series, Gohan befriends a flying dinosaur named Icarus.

2. Can Angels Be Evil?

Can Angels Be Evil?

In the original Dragon Ball Super series, one of the most popular theories that has developed among fans is the possibility that the Grand Priest of the Angels is either a villain or an antagonist. 

This is based on the attitude they show, as well as various other things that are presented by the Angels. 

However, in the end, it was revealed that the Grand Priest was not a bad person.

The question for fans now is whether later the Angels can turn into evil or not. 

Angels are creatures given free will, and they are often shown alongside the gods of destruction. 

With that free will, it means that they can turn into evil. 

However, so far the series has never shown any Angels who are evil or turn evil.

3. The Origin of Jiren's Power

The Origin of Jiren's Power

Jiren is a character introduced in the Tournament of Power arc, where he becomes a formidable opponent for Goku. 

Goku even had time to be overwhelmed in the face of Jiren, before in the end he managed to win the fight. 

The question is where did Jiren's power come from? 

How did Jiren get that enormous power?

Some fans themselves believe that Jiren has a resemblance to Goku, where he has an "inheritance" in his body which is then activated thanks to hard and long training. 

There are also fans who believe that Jiren might get his powers instantly, just like Granolah and Gas are right now. 

Jiren probably hoped that he was the strongest fighter figure in his universe. 

And that in the end made him able to match Goku.

4. The Origin of Zeno's Power

The Origin of Zeno's Power

In the anime and manga series Dragon Ball Super, we are introduced that Zeno is the leader of the entire universe. You could say Zeno is a "god" in the Dragon Ball universe. 

However, just like Jiren, until now we still don't know where Zeno's power comes from. 

What later became the source of his strength. Is there another figure stronger than Zeno?

Zeno himself is shown to have an attitude and behavior similar to that of a child, which means that it is certain that he has never trained to use his powers or even made any sacrifices to gain them. 

Of course, it doesn't make sense if Zeno suddenly has tremendous power.

5. Why Zeno Destroyed So Many Universes

Why Zeno Destroyed So Many Universes

Speaking of Zeno, as the most powerful figure known so far, Zeno is known to have the power to destroy or create a universe. 

In the anime series, it is stated that in the past there were 18 universes that were presented in the story. 

However, now there are only 12 universes left. 

It is said that in the past Zeno was so angry that in the end he destroyed Universe 13-18.

The big question then is why did Zeno destroy the six universes? 

What then made Zeno angry that destroyed the six universes? 

Maybe the gods of destruction from the universe were trying to replace Zeno's position, aka there was an attempt at rebellion. 

It's also possible that the residents in the universe made Zeno angry, for example, they actually badmouthed Zeno.

6. Who is Zalama

Who is Zalama

One of the biggest mysteries in the Dragon Ball Super series is probably Zalama, the creator of Super Dragon Balls. 

It is often stated in the franchise that the power of Dragon Balls, or dragon balls, represents the creator. 

With the dragon ball being able to realize various things, it means that the maker is very special with his abilities. 

Zalama himself is touted as the Dragon God or the god of dragons. 

If a magical dragon like Toronbo was able to fulfill any wish, you can imagine how powerful and terrifying Zalama would be.

7. What Happens If Goku Defeats Beerus

What Happens If Goku Defeats Beerus

This is probably the biggest question that arises in the Dragon Ball Super series. 

The fight between Beerus and Goku appears in the first arc of the series as well as the film. 

As shown in the story, Beerus was about to destroy the earth before Goku, Vegeta, and the others prevented it. 

Beerus then challenges Goku to fight with the earth as a bet.

Goku was not as strong back then, where he mastered the Ultra Instinct technique. 

As a result, no matter how hard Goku and Vegeta tried in the end he had to lose in the face of Beerus. 

The question then is what if Goku at that time managed to beat Beerus? Will Goku replace Beerus as the god of destruction? May be. 

Or maybe something else could have happened.

Various big mysteries that appear in the Dragon Ball Super series, make fans of course curious and also wondering. 

However, on the other hand, this also seems to be something that keeps the community in it "alive" because there are many theories or assumptions and speculations presented by the fans. 

Maybe Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou can come up with answers to these mysteries.

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