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Respected by the Marines, Why Does Shanks Have a High Bounty?

Respected by the Marines, Why Does Shanks Have a High Bounty?

Some fans of One Piece think that Shanks doesn't have the same power as Big Mom.

This is because the game value is quite different from Big Mom and Kaido.

However, is it true?

Shanks is one of the most popular pirates in the series, and is also one of the four emperors of the ocean, aka the Yonko.

The bounty of Shanks himself is 4,048,900,000 Belly.

Meanwhile, Big Mom has a bounty of 4,388,000,000 Belly and Kaido 4,611,100,000 Belly.

The value is quite different.

Respected by the Marines, Why Does Shanks Have a High Bounty?

In addition to a lower bounty than Big Mom and Kaido, what is also a question is why does Shanks have a bounty value despite his reputation so far?

As we know that in general the marines and world government hate pirates, they really respect Shanks.

In fact, in one of the chapters we saw how Shanks went to Mary Geoise and spoke to the five star elders.

Shanks was greeted so warmly as if he was a guest and also as if Shanks had a fairly high reputation.

So far it is still a big mystery why Shanks is so respected.

Many fans then theorize about it.

One theory that has developed among fans is that Shanks is a descendant of the Celestial Dragons.

The theory states that Shanks is one of the Celestial Dragons who decided to be "different".

As we know, the celestial dragon is known as an arrogant, selfish figure, always looking down on others.

However, of the many celestial dragons that received a lot of negative responses, there were some of them who actually had the opposite nature.

They are not comfortable with living like that and decide to be different from the others.

An example is Mjosgard who decided to leave Mary Geoise.

And there are also the celestial dragons who decide to be on the "opposite" side of the marines.

They decide to become pirates in order to gain freedom, and it could be Shanks.

Then, again, why does Shanks have a high bounty?

Respected by the Marines, Why Does Shanks Have a High Bounty?

With Shanks decision to become a pirate, it means that there is a risk he must accept.

One of them is having a bounty made by the World Government.

Again, we still don't know the history of the Red Hair Pirates.

However, they most likely did not commit crimes or other terrible things like other pirates.

As discussed in other articles, a person's bounty is determined by strength.

However, that is not the main factor.

There are other factors that determine such as how big a threat they are to the government, how much influence they have on the world, how much influence they have, how big are their allies, and so on.

Shanks did not often commit gruesome acts or unlawful activities in the marines's opinion.

However, it could be that the game value can be equivalent to the Yonko is because of Shanks' past history.

Respected by the Marines, Why Does Shanks Have a High Bounty?

Shanks had become part of Roger's pirate crew, which for the marines, Roger's group was a disgrace.

They are trying to destroy the remnants of Roger's pirate group, for example killing Ace or hunting down Rayleigh.

However, why not Shanks?

As explained above, it is possible that Shanks has a high reputation among the Gorosei or the World Government.

It could also be because Shanks is actually a descendant or part of the Celestial Dragon.

Another possibility, which is also one of the widely developed theories, is that Shanks is a figure appointed by the World Government.

Like the Shichibukai, Shanks may be appointed directly by the World Government to be a part of them.

For what purpose?

In theory it is said that maybe Shanks was assigned to guard Laugh Tale.

It could also be that Shanks actually has other intentions – which are still related to the World Government.

So, the conclusion is that Shanks has game value because he is basically a pirate.

He decided to become a pirate, which pirates are enemies of the World Government and the marines.

However, even though Shanks has a bounty and is considered a pirate, the World Government seems to still have respect for Shanks, which is why we still don't know why.

Let's just wait for the facts about Shanks that Oda Sensei might reveal.

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