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10 Tips for Caring for the iPhone Battery to Make it Longer

10 Tips for Caring for the iPhone Battery to Make it Longer

The battery health feature presented by Apple starting from iOS 11.3 can make it easier for users to find out and monitor battery health on Apple devices such as the iPhone. Now, to maintain the health of the iPhone battery so that it remains durable, it is necessary to take good care and habits in using the iPhone that you have. Here are some tips for caring for the iPhone battery to make it more durable.

1. Using an original Apple charger and cable.

The most important thing in caring for the iPhone battery to make it last longer is to use an original Apple charger. If the charger is damaged or lost, as much as possible buy it at an Apple authorized store. But if you want to buy it not from the Apple factory, choose an iPhone accessory that already has an MFI (Made For iPhone) certification. Chargers and cables that are not compatible with the iPhone usually do not match the voltage of the iPhone device, so they slowly reduce their health and even damage the battery.

2. Don't wait for the iPhone to turn off to charge.

IPhone devices usually give a notification when the battery charge remains 20%. We recommend that you immediately charge your iPhone when you receive this notification. If you wait until the device turns off first, it will reduce the iPhone battery cells. Imagine if you do this often, then after a while the battery cells will run out.

3. Do not keep the iPhone in a completely empty battery state.

If the iPhone is kept in a completely empty battery state, the iPhone battery can go into a deep discharge state which can make it unable to store energy at all. If you want to store your iPhone for a long time, for example for 6 months, then charge the device up to 50% every 6 months.

4. Don't charge iPhone battery to 100%.

Leaving the iPhone battery charged to 100% can cause the battery capacity to slowly decrease, especially if you leave it continuously connected to a power source when the battery is 100% full. Leaving iPhone in full charge for a long time will actually make the battery lose some of its capacity, and result in shorter battery life. Apple has embedded a battery optimization feature in iOS 13 which will limit charging to 80%. So, if you're away from a power source, charging the 80% battery is more than enough.

5. Keep iPhone away from extreme ambient temperatures.

IPhone devices are designed to operate well in an ideal comfort zone with temperatures of 16 to 22 degrees Celsius. Metal or glass iPhone materials can conduct heat quickly, so it is very important to keep your iPhone away from exposure to extreme temperatures that are higher than 35 degrees Celsius.

6. Do not use iPhone while it is charging.

If you are not in a forced state, you should avoid using your iPhone while charging. This causes the iPhone engine to become hot, the IC charger, the USB IC, and of course the battery will be damaged because it forces the iPhone to work harder.

7. Do not use the iPhone to work until it is hot.

In addition to placing the iPhone in an environment with extreme temperatures and using it while charging, forcing the iPhone to work continuously until the temperature gets hot can also not only damage the battery but other components on the iPhone will also be damaged.

8. Don't charge iPhone in car.

The voltage in the car is so unstable that it can damage the iPhone battery. If you are forced, you should charge a car that is equipped with an inverter.

9. Limit charging the iPhone using a power bank.

A power bank is very helpful if you are on the move and the iPhone battery has run out. However, please note that a power bank can make the iPhone battery more wasteful. So, as much as possible reduce its use especially for daily use.

10. Remove the specific case while charging the iPhone.

Charging an iPhone device when it is closed in certain cases can build up excess heat which results in battery health. So, always remember to remove your iPhone from its case first when charging.

Battery strength is the amount of time the device is functional before it needs to be charged. Battery life is the amount of time the battery lasts until it needs to be replaced. Both must be maximized to get the maximum benefit from the devices used, including the iPhone.

It is a shame if you cannot afford to care for a device that has been purchased at a price that is not cheap. So, from now on, try to take care of the iPhone battery by reducing bad habits that have been done so far.

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