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Xiaomi will Give a 108MP Camera to the Cheap Redmi Series Smartphones

Xiaomi will Give a 108MP Camera to the Cheap Redmi Series Smartphones

Xiaomi in early 2020 launched the Mi Note 10 smartphone to Indonesia.

This cellphone has the sophistication of a 108MP resolution camera.

The 108MP camera resolution is the latest in 2020, some brands are trying to make their products have this innovation.

Xiaomi also seems to not only have attached this sophisticated camera to the Mi Note 10.

There is a leak, Xiaomi will present a 108MP camera to a device that is thought to be a Redmi product.

A leak from Weibo shows the two smartphones codenamed Gauguin and Gauguin Pro.

Yes, there are two smartphones, but only one has a 108MP camera, and the cheapest or non-Pro has a 64MP camera.

Quoting Gizchina, according to GSM Arena, the Pro variant will be a cheap smartphone, with a 108MP camera.

Because it's cheap, that's why Xiaomi presents this product to the Redmi brand.

But it could also be that this sophisticated innovation is brought to the Mi CC series, which is not present in Indonesia.

Back in the last year, Xiaomi launched the Mi CC9 smartphone.

Mi CC9 is presented as a partnership between Xiaomi and Meitu.

Meitu is also a company that was acquired by Xiaomi in 2018 and is a Chinese company known for its centric camera devices.

Why is the Mi CC expected to carry a 108MP camera?

Based on Gizchina's analysis, this series has not been presented by Xiaomi for a long time and the Mi CC is also known to be strong in terms of cameras.

The price offered on the Mi CC is also not as expensive as the Mi series.

If this happens, then there will be the Mi CC10 Pro which will have the cheapest 108MP smartphone camera tagline.

Although this is only a temporary estimate that may change after Xiaomi's statement.

At this time, there is also no further information about the two devices, but the leakers say they will be coming soon.

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