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One Piece: The 4 Best Yonko Commanders in the Series!

One Piece: The 4 Best Yonko Commanders in the Series!

Yonko is one of the great powers in the One Piece story, in addition to the World Government and the navy. 

They are pirates who inhabit the New World region. 

Each of them has a very strong and well-organized army, although there are some among them who don't have so many crew members compared to the others.

Yonko's men or crew have a leader who is then called a division commander or commander or Yonko Commander. 

And to be a division commander or leader of the crew, one must have the strength that is far above average. 

Here are some of Yonko's strongest commanders at the moment.

1. Charlotte Katakuri
One Piece: The 4 Best Yonko Commanders in the Series!

Katakuri is one of three confidants from Yonko Charlotte Linlin, aka Big Mom. 

Just like King, he is also the most powerful fighter among Big Mom's men. 

With his tremendous strength (never even losing a battle), it is natural that the value of his game reaches 1,057 billion Belly.

Katakuri itself is the most formidable opponent and also the opponent that has made Luffy's inconvenience so far. 

How not, Katakuri's strength level is almost equivalent to Luffy. 

He also mastered three types of Haki and most importantly he could see the future.

This is what had made Luffy inconvenience before finally he was also able to do the same thing and defeat him.

2. King
One Piece: The 4 Best Yonko Commanders in the Series!

King aka The Wildfire is one of Kaido's three subordinates. 

He is considered the most powerful when it comes to strength, between Jack and also the Queen. 

Just like his two colleagues, King is also an ancient Zoan demon fruit eater Ryu Ryu no Mi Model: Pteranodon. 

Although until now we haven't been shown how powerful it is, he is strong enough to push the Big Mom ship from Wano waterfall.

Because there is still not much information about King, many suspects that he mastered the Haki Armament, and also because he carried a sword, it could be assumed that he had excellent sword skills. 

What's also interesting is that according to Big Mom, King is from a species or community that is considered extinct.

3. Benn Beckman
One Piece: The 4 Best Yonko Commanders in the Series!

He is a partner and crew of the redhead pirate Shanks. 

Because Shanks himself is still a mysterious figure, so are the other crew members. 

However, although his strength is unknown, Benn Beckman is one of the most powerful characters in the One Piece series.

According to Brannew, Shanks pirates were the most "flat" pirates and were considered the most difficult to defeat. 

Just like the other Yonko trust crews, Benn Beckman was certainly a Haki user, and his strength was recognizable to many people. 

One of them was when at Marineford Kizaru immediately recognized Benn Beckman. 

Benn was also able to stop the attack from Kizaru.

4. Marco
One Piece: The 4 Best Yonko Commanders in the Series!

Marco or commonly known as Marco the Phoenix is ​​a former confidant of Whitebeard and is also one of the feared pirates. 

He has the power of the Mythical Zoan demon fruit with the Phoenix model. 

The devil fruit is considered very rare even though Logia. 

At Marineford, he had the chance to prove his strength by fighting against the three Admiral.

Another example is that he later became the leader of the Whitebeard pirates after the death of their captain, and also Gorosei or the five-star elders, even assuming Marco was one of the few people who could defeat Blackbeard. 

If he really had to win in his battle against the Admiral at that time, maybe Marco could get it easily.

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