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The reason Pikachu doesn't want to evolve into Raichu

The reason Pikachu doesn't want to evolve into Raichu

As the mascot and also the most popular character in the Pokemon franchise, old fans or new fans (even those who are not Pokemon fans) must know Pikachu.

This cute little yellow monster has become a cultural icon for Japan and also the game industry, successfully becoming one of the most successful icons for Nintendo.

Pikachu, who is a monster with electric power is known as a friend of Ash Ketchum.

Pikachu becomes a partner when it comes to dueling with other Pokemon.

But, as we know that Pikachu can actually evolve into Raichu.

The reason Pikachu doesn't want to evolve into Raichu

By using Thunder Stone, Pikachu can turn strong, and in Alola, even Raichu gets a new type.

The fans questioned, at the same time joked, about Ash who hadn't evolved his Pikachu for years even though it had been explained in his anime that Pikachu himself had indeed decided not to evolve.

But, in the Pokemon Sword and Shield series we get another reason, why Pikachu still does not want to evolve.

One of the most recent things presented in the series is Dynamaxing.

By combining elements from Mega Evolutions generation VI and Z-Moves generation VII, doing Dynamaxing to a Pokemon when a duel will make the pokemon experience physical changes for some time.

In addition to making the size grow larger, Pokemon that do Dynamaxing will become stronger and have Max Moves movements that can only be done in this form.

Although every Pokemon can do Dynamax, only a few Pokemon can go beyond the next form, Gigantamax.

For this reason, Pokemon that can access Dynamax and Gigantamax are considered rare Pokemon.

When accessing Gigantamax, besides changing its physical size Pokemon will also experience changes in appearance and access the special power of the G-Max Move.

Most Pokemon that have the potential to be able to access Gigantamax are in their final evolutionary stage.

But, there are some Pokemon that are not like that, for example are Pikachu, Eeve, and Meowth.

Monsters that have the qualifications to be able to access the Gigantamax form will not be able to evolve, even if the monster meets the specified requirements.

In one episode of the latest anime season, Pikachu is shown to be able to absorb Dynamax energy when fighting against Drednaw who is in Gigantamax form.

The Dynamax energy absorbed by Pikachu could in fact make the electric monster bigger and make Pikachu change.

Based on that, it was revealed that Pikachu was able to access the Gigantamax form.

The reason Pikachu doesn't want to evolve into Raichu

Since the inaugural season of the anime, Pikachu has indeed shown his desire to stay in his present form and decided not to evolve into Raichu.

But, as explained earlier, if Pikachu can access the power of Gigantamax it means that Pikachu will not be able to evolve into Raichu, even if he wants to.

Interestingly, when Pikachu accesses the Gigantamax form its appearance changes to a larger one like Pikachu in the Pokemon Red and Blue series.

Based on the official website of Sword and Shield, Gigantamax Pikachu "is very strong, even the electric power generated can rival the power generation capability".

The typical move of Gigantamax Pikachu is the G-Max Volt Crash, which can make his opponent paralyzed and also injured.

Based on the explanation above, even though Pikachu did not evolve into Raichu, accessing the Dynamax or Gigantamax forms was enough to make Pikachu stronger.

In addition, without Dynamax or Gigantamax, Pikachu has proven that he is a strong Pokemon.

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