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Not Kara, This is the Terrible Power Prepared by Jigen!

Not Kara, This is the Terrible Power Prepared by Jigen!

The Boruto Manga Chapter 45 reveals many hidden facts, especially from the figure of Jigen, revealed by Kara's chief organizational scientist, Amado.

In the previous chapter, we saw that Amado tried to go to Konoha and told all of Kara and Jigen's plans.

Amado intentionally did that to stop all that was done by Jigen and prevent major events from happening.

Amado revealed everything to Naruto, including about the great war that will re-emerge.

Based on what Amado revealed, Kara was actually not a major threat to Konoha and all.

There is another figure that must be very wary of, the 10-tailed monster that resides in Jigen's body.

Not Kara, This is the Terrible Power Prepared by Jigen!

The 10-tailed Bijuu is a monster that Kaguya Otsutsuki once used to create chaos and destruction on earth.

The monster is an embodiment of the combined power of Kaguya Otsutsuki and also God Tree.

It took a lot of effort from Hagoromo and Hamura Otsutsuki to conquer his mother and seal it away from the earth.

In this chapter it is also explained that Otsutsuki has been traveling for a long time from one planet to another, with the aim of planting seeds which after growing up will suck all the chakra on the planet and then produce fruit that will be consumed by the the Otsutsuki clan.

That is the way how this clan grows and develops, moving from one planet to another to satisfy their hunger.

But, for Kaguya's problem, he had found a tree on planet Earth and then he merged with it to later turn into a 10-tailed monster.

The aim is to retrieve the fruit chakra (or chakra produced from the tree) consumed by Hagoromo and Hamura.

Not Kara, This is the Terrible Power Prepared by Jigen!

Unfortunately, even though Kaguya was successfully sealed, his essence or soul joined Black Zetsu who then started a big battle as shown in the Naruto series.

With such great strength, it is natural that Sasuke, Naruto, and all the shinobi who have to fight hard to defeat the monster.

Amado himself leaked information that all the Otsutsuki groups who wandered around looking for planets to consume must have 10-tailed monsters in themselves.

What's interesting is that according to Amado, the 10-tailed monster in Jigen is a new specimen which could mean that the monster is not the same as the 10-tailed monster that Otsutsuki has.

It is still unknown how the trees planted by Otsutsuki on each planet, inhale the chakra on the planet.

Do there have to be fatalities first and then the chakra flows naturally into the tree, or the roots that absorb the chakra from the core of the planet.

In essence, these monsters are more dangerous and produce more massive destructive power compared to Kara's troops or members.

One monster alone can destroy the entire planet.

You can imagine, if then Jigen made a portal and brought all the monsters to earth.

Naruto might not want to bother "everyone" anymore, but with a very dangerous situation for all of course Naruto and Sasuke had no other choice.

Let's just wait, guys, if Jigen really will only use one 10-tailed monster or will use more than one.

If that's the case, of course the earth's hopes for survival are very few.

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