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6 Tips for success in selling and developing your own business

6 Tips for success in selling and developing your own business

The existence of Corona makes us realize that income does not only depend on one source.

So, like being laid off, we still have another source of income.

One of them by selling.

Many people think that selling requires talent, even though this is not always the case.

Selling also requires a strong determination and unyielding spirit.

Even certain products do not require capital to sell them.

So, for those of you who want to sell, you can refer to the following tips.

1. Intentions and determination.

This is the first step before starting your business.

You can write on paper what your intention is to sell.

Then the paper can be posted on the wall of a room or make notes in a cellphone memo that serves as the main wallpaper.

If you do that, you will not easily give up.

Because when you feel like giving up, you can see again what intentions you write on the walls of your room or cellphone memo that is used as wallpaper.

In addition you must remember what your goals are selling.

So when you're not in the room and feel lazy or want to give up selling, you can remember your goal of selling.

2. Look for the product to be sold and study the product well.

Furthermore, you can search for what products you will sell.

If you feel confused, try to see the surrounding environment.

For example, in the environment around nobody sells stationery, but many school children.

Then you can take advantage of these opportunities to start selling stationery.

After finding a product to sell, you learn the product.

Starting from the excess product, quality, ingredients, etc.

So when there are consumers who ask questions about your product, you can answer it well.

3. Selling offline and online.

Nowadays it is not enough to only sell offline, especially Corona.

So you also have to learn how to sell online.

Selling online the easy way can begin with you posting on e-commerce sites and creating social media for stores.

4. Invite your friends or family to sell.

Well, if you feel you have sold a lot of sales, you can invite your friends or family to join in selling.

So, you can train yourself to be an indirect supplier.

So that not only benefit from selling, you can hone your skills.

For example, you can better manage time between selling by training your friends or family to sell.

Then you can practice skills in communication, marketing, and much more.

5. If your product is successfully sold and stable, you can try to sell other products.

You can develop a business that is already running by recruiting experienced people.

You can start another business without fearing the old business will fade.


Have you crossed what products you want to sell?

Well, here are tips on how to sell for you who feel less talented in selling.

Good luck and good luck!

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