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5 ways to overcome disputes with a partner

5 ways to overcome disputes with a partner

Differences of opinion between couples are natural.

No partner has the same understanding or view. There must be one or two differences that arise.

Despite years of marriage, differences of opinion are still very likely to occur.

Call it like a different view of how to educate children, choose the most appropriate school for your child, to favorite culinary affairs.

If you both can't control your emotions when a dispute occurs, noise is inevitable.

If you have this, even the slightest difference of opinion can be a big problem.

Huft, don't let it go.

Then how to overcome it?

1. Listen to and respect each others opinions.

Nobody likes to be ignored when they argue.

Listening to your partner's words even though their opinions are not in accordance with your principles, so one way to appreciate your partner.

Even though it seems trivial, hearing your partner earnestly can bring significant change.

By listening, you will understand your partner better and understand that everyone has a different mindset, including your partner.

2. Don't try to 'win'.

Don't equate arguing with office friends and spouse.

Arguing with a partner is not about who wins and loses.

In relationships, arguing isn't done to prove you're right and win.

More than that, arguing is a way to understand each other's thoughts and find the best middle ground.

When differences of opinion occur, consider each opinion from both sides.

That way, you can find out the reason why the couple disagree with you.

3. Take special time to express your opinion.

Do not invite couples to discuss differences of opinion when he just got home from work.

Fatigue after a day of activities will only make the atmosphere worse.

Invite your partner to chat casually when conditions are calm or when he has rested enough.

Before going to sleep and after getting out of bed can be the right time to express opinions.

Yes, casual chatting at the right time can be a solution.

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Differences in opinion make the relationship more harmonious.

4. take the 'middle way'.

Differences in life principles often lead to disagreements between partners.

Even so, never force your opinion to look right and win.

When differences of opinion arise, the most important thing is to find the best middle ground that will benefit you and your partner.

Try making a list of pros and cons together.

Then don't forget to compromise on finding the best solution.

5. Ask, not guess.

Sometimes differences of opinion arise because of misunderstanding.

This usually happens when you or your partner is afraid and proud to ask your partner.

Prestige asks when in doubt it will make you guess the minds of your partner.

Trying to make your own assumptions without asking questions can also lead to differences of opinion.

If not handled properly, this will trigger a scene.

For that, do not be shy and afraid to ask when something is not understood so that communication is more effective.

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