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4 causes you are not confident and how to overcome them

4 causes you are not confident and how to overcome them

On occasion will be discussed about self confidence or self-confidence.

Maybe some of you can realize this and immediately try to handle it.

But there are also many people who find it hard to believe in themselves and continue to live it in silence.

It will make you end up always behind or underdeveloped compared to people who have confidence.

Well, here are some reasons why so many people feel inferior about themselves or not confident.

1. Too concerned about other people's words.

The first is very common.

There are still many people who are too dependent on the words of others and are not sure of themselves.

He also felt that other people's opinions were more appropriate.

2. Less socializing.

You are not always in the back position and cornered.

There are times when you have to go forward to talk and that requires confidence.

Especially for people who are antisocial, it will be very difficult to build confidence in yourself.

3. Negative thoughts.

Usually people who are not confident their minds are always bad.

He already felt defeated before trying and felt he certainly could not. From now on get rid of all your negative thoughts.

4. Minder.

Insecure is a word that is often used today.

People who are confident even though there are times when they feel inferior.

It is indeed difficult to get rid of inferiority, but if there is an effort and keep looking forward it will surely disappear by itself.

That's four reasons that make you insecure.

Prioritizing self-confidence is important. From there you can continue to walk smoothly ahead because you believe in yourself and do not care about the babbling of others.

Before entering into the discussion of the motivations needed when wanting to create self-confidence, I will explain what self-confidence really is.

Self-confidence or self-confidence is a form of confidence and self-assessment in doing various things in the social sphere, forming yourself to be objective, optimistic, and creative.

So, you can know yourself through this feeling. So, always plant this confidence wherever you are.

The following are four motivations for growing your confidence.

1. Never feel like a failure.

Isn't it possible that once the oars of two islands would be over?

So is this.

Don't ever feel like a failure with what you make even though it is looked down upon by people.

Think of it as your support to do even better. Remember, failure is the path to success.

If you don't lose your confidence, guaranteed failure will turn words into success.

2. Be yourself.

To further awaken your confidence, you need to understand yourself. Don't try to be someone else you shoulder to socialize.

Be yourself and bring out the attitude that becomes your true identity.

3. Always think positive.

This is the most important.

With positive thinking all the good things will side with you and will further enhance your confidence.

Make everything useful and always think clearly, yes.

4. Don't be reluctant to ask.

You can't possibly know everything automatically.

There must be someone who you make a buffer for success before you go forward and already feel confident but still doubtful about a few things.

Do not hesitate to ask.

This is very important for the future and also to broaden horizons.

The more you know a lot of things, the more you will believe in yourself.

Those are some suggestions from me for you who still feel inferior and often compare yourself to others.

The thing to remember is that you will never feel worthy if you keep standing and feel less than people.

Everyone has advantages and disadvantages, not necessarily those who feel great are perfect.

So, don't forget to be grateful and increasingly believe in yourself to do whatever you want.

Hope it is useful, thanks.

Source: Brilio

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