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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 249 Spoilers, Okkotsu Yuta Loses to Sukuna?


Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 249 Spoilers

The Battle of the Cursed King and Queen Has Begun

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 249 seems to promise an intense showdown. Now, Yuta has joined the fray to take on Sukuna.

In previous chapters, Yuta was assigned alongside Takaba to eliminate Kenjaku.

After Takaba successfully diverted Kenjaku's attention, Yuta swiftly appeared and slashed Kenjaku's neck.

Having done so, Yuta immediately rushed towards his comrades facing Sukuna.

In Chapter 247, we saw that Higuruma had been defeated by Sukuna, even though Higuruma's techniques were quite effective against Sukuna and saved Megumi.

However, the author had a different plan; Sukuna managed to escape that situation and defeat Higuruma.

While Sukuna was occupied dealing with Yuji, who had surprisingly mastered the reverse curse technique, Yuta suddenly arrived.

Without hesitation, Yuta summoned Rika to assist him against Sukuna.

Can Yuta and Rika compete with Sukuna?

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 249 Spoilers

Yuta's strength is undeniable; he is a talented jujutsu sorcerer, and even Gojo acknowledged that Yuta could surpass him.

However, he is now facing the Cursed King who has defeated his own mentor.

There is a possibility that Yuta might die in this battle, but if that does happen, the confrontation will likely be intense and prolonged.

As you know, Yuta is a significant character and even served as the main character in Chapter 0 and the movie adaptation of this series.

So, in my opinion, if Yuta is to be killed off, Gege Sensei will make it as dramatic as possible after a fierce and thrilling battle.

Unlike Kashimo, who, despite being portrayed as strong, had limited appearances and roles.

So, if Yuta is indeed going to meet his end, his fight starting from Chapter 249 is sure to be intense and exciting. Let's eagerly await how Gege Sensei unfolds the story in this series.

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