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One Piece: Bonney Is the Reason for Kuma Becoming a Pacifista!

One Piece: Bonney Is the Reason for Kuma Becoming a Pacifista!

Jewelry Bonney is likely the reason why Bartholomew Kuma ultimately agreed to undergo the transformation into a Pacifista. 

Fans of the One Piece series have finally received an answer to the close relationship between Kuma and Bonney. 

In the Egghead arc, it was revealed that Kuma is, in fact, Bonney's father. 

What's intriguing is that after the release of spoiler information for One Piece 1098, a theory has emerged suggesting that Bonney is the reason behind Kuma becoming a Pacifista.

Kuma's Transformation into a Pacifista

One Piece: Bonney Is the Reason for Kuma Becoming a Pacifista!

Former Shichibukai and a member of the Revolutionary Army, Bartholomew Kuma is a mysterious figure that has left fans curious about his role in the story. 

Kuma had appeared in the One Piece series before the timeskip occurred, and he was involved in several key moments, such as the Thriller Bark arc and his presence at Sabaody. 

He was the catalyst for the One Piece timeskip.

Kuma's actions throughout the series have raised many questions and confusion among fans. For example, he saved the Straw Hat crew by sending them to a different location and protected the Thousand Sunny until their return. 

Many fans speculated that Kuma had deep connections with the Revolutionary Army, which has been proven to be true.

Kuma's own past is now in the spotlight, especially after Oda Sensei revealed that he is part of the Buccaneer race and has a notable history in the Sorbet Kingdom. 

However, a significant lingering question remains: why did he willingly become a test subject for the World Government and Vegapunk's experiments decades ago?

As we know, Bartholomew Kuma chose to be a test subject for Vegapunk's Pacifista project. Vegapunk used Kuma's body parts for research and then transformed Kuma's original body into the Pacifista that we've seen. 

Many speculations have arisen about why Kuma agreed to such a fate, one of which is that it was a sacrifice to save humanity.

Nonetheless, what happened to Kuma is truly horrifying. 

He became a plaything for the Celestial Dragons, who treated their slaves, including Kuma, with utmost cruelty. In the Reverie arc, we witness the pitiful state of Kuma, as he becomes a mere tool for the Saint Rosward family.

Reasons Behind Kuma Becoming a Pacifista

One Piece: Bonney Is the Reason for Kuma Becoming a Pacifista!

While the speculation that Kuma's decision to become a Pacifista was driven by a desire to save the world seems plausible, there is another intriguing theory that has emerged. 

In this case, the reason why Bartholomew Kuma ultimately agreed to the deal with the World Government to transform himself into a Pacifista is none other than Jewelry Bonney.

What does this mean? In the spoiler information for One Piece Chapter 1098, there is crucial information about Kuma's past. In that chapter, it is revealed that Ginny was actually abducted and forced to become the wife of one of the Celestial Dragons. 

This information remained unknown until two years later when she sent a final message to Kuma, who managed to trace her whereabouts.

Ginny was eventually released as a slave to the Celestial Dragons when it was discovered that she had a mysterious and deadly illness. 

Sadly, when Kuma arrived at the location where Ginny was held, she had already passed away. However, in her arms, there was a small baby who turned out to be Bonney's child. Since then, Kuma decided to care for Bonney until the present.

There are some interesting facts related to this story. 

Firstly, Bonney apparently suffers from the same dreadful and deadly illness as her mother.

Furthermore, it has been confirmed that Bonney is still just 12 years old, and her appearance when she saved Zoro at Sabaody was her true form. 

So, what is the connection between these facts and the theory about Kuma and his transformation into a Pacifista?

Kuma realized that Bonney was afflicted with the same illness as her mother, known as "Sapphire Scale," a condition far rarer and more horrifying than the "Amber Lead Syndrome" that Law and his region suffered from. 

What's noteworthy is that Ginny herself had signed a contract with the World Government, in which she accepted this disease.

As a result of the illness, Bonney cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. 

This is why Ginny brought her to the place where she and Kuma were hiding in the Sorbet Kingdom. 

Initially, Kuma didn't know what to do with Bonney. 

To make matters worse, after consulting with doctors there, Kuma had to face the bitter reality that Bonney's life expectancy would not exceed 10 years.

Kuma Strikes a Deal with the World Government

One Piece: Bonney Is the Reason for Kuma Becoming a Pacifista!

You must be wondering how Bonney has managed to survive until now—12 years of age—when her life expectancy was only 10 years. 

This forms the basis of the theory that Bartholomew Kuma decided to sacrifice himself for Bonney. 

In this scenario, Kuma agreed to the offer to become a Shichibukai and a subject for the World Government's experimental program.

Kuma likely requested certain conditions from the World Government, possibly from Gorosei Saturn, to provide a Devil Fruit that could save Bonney's life. 

This is the reason why Bonney possesses the Toshi Toshi Devil Fruit, which allows her to manipulate her own age or the age of others.

As discussed in a previous article, the Toshi Toshi Devil Fruit essentially grants Bonney immortality or longevity. 

This is evident in Bonney's confirmed age of 12 years when she should not have survived beyond the age of 10. 

With this Devil Fruit, Bonney can maintain her appearance as a child.

This could be because her illness might only become maximally severe as she grows older, similar to Ginny. 

On the other hand, this seems to provide a clue about another power of Gorosei Saturn, in addition to the abilities we have seen in chapters 1094 and 1095. 

The dreadfulness and horror of Saturn's Devil Fruit itself lie in its ability to inflict diseases upon others.

In conclusion, Bartholomew Kuma intentionally sacrificed himself to strike a deal with the World Government. 

He willingly became a Shichibukai and a test subject for the Pacifista program to save Jewelry Bonney, who was suffering from a mysterious and deadly illness. 

By agreeing to become a Pacifista test subject, Kuma requested Gorosei Saturn to provide the Devil Fruit that could save Bonney's life, which turned out to be the Toshi Toshi Fruit.

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