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One Piece 1098 Spiler: The Tragic Backstory of Kuma and Jewelry Bonney

One Piece 1098 Spiler: The tragic backstory of Kuma and Jewelry Bonney

The tragic backstory of Kuma and Jewelry Bonney

The latest chapter of the popular manga series, One Piece, has revealed a heartwarming and mysterious story.

In chapter 1098, fans are taken back to the tragic events involving Ginny, Kuma's childhood friend.

According to Instagram account, chapter 1098 tells the story of Ginny, who was kidnapped by a Celestial Dragon and forced to become his wife.

The Revolutionary Army forces that were protecting Ginny were wiped out in an unexpected attack by the World Government.

Following Ginny's kidnapping, Kuma became more determined and ferocious in battle. He even visited Goa Kingdom to help the rebels and end the battle on the isolated island.

However, the most shocking revelation is that Jewelry Bonney, who was thought to be the daughter of Kuma and Ginny, is actually the daughter of Ginny and a Celestial Dragon.

This shows the cruelty of the Celestial Dragons, especially since Ginny was suffering from a rare disease called "Sapphire Scale," which causes the skin to harden and become scaled when exposed to sunlight or moonlight.

Ginny's disease made her unrecognizable to the Celestial Dragon, who abandoned her.

Ginny then returned to Sorbet Kingdom and left Bonney with the elders there. She then contacted the Revolutionary Army from the church where she used to live with Kuma.

"I really want to see everyone again. But this is goodbye," Ginny said.

"What?" Ivankov asked.

"What are you talking about, Ginny! I thought I would never see you again! Where are you now!? I'll be right there!"

During the conversation, they identified Ginny's location, so Kuma teleported to Sorbet Kingdom.

Ginny said one last thing to Kuma, but he couldn't hear her because he was teleporting to where she was.

"Kuma, I love you," Ginny said.

Kuma arrived at Sorbet Kingdom, but Ginny was already dead. Kuma laid her to rest.

With a loving heart, Kuma decided to raise Bonney after Ginny's death.

They lived together as father and daughter in a church, where Bonney had to avoid natural light that could worsen her condition.

However, their happiness was threatened when a doctor told them that Bonney's disease would only get worse as she got older, and she might only have until she was 10 years old.

In a hopeful situation, Bonney mistakenly understood that she would be cured when she reached the age of 10.

One Piece 1098 Spiler: The tragic backstory of Kuma and Jewelry Bonney

Kuma, with a heavy heart, continued to give Bonney support and optimism, unable to reveal the truth.

The chapter ends with the emergence of a new threat, the former King of Sorbet, who has returned and is threatening the people of Sorbet Kingdom. The people cry out for Kuma's help.

One Piece chapter 1098 has successfully presented a mystery reveal and delivered emotional moments that tug at the heartstrings of fans.

The reveal that Jewelry Bonney is the daughter of a Celestial Dragon is a shocking twist that has the potential to change the course of the story. It also raises questions about her true identity and her role in the world.

The story of Ginny and Kuma is a heartbreaking tale of love, loss, and sacrifice. Kuma's decision to raise Bonney as his own daughter is a testament to his compassion and love.

The ending of the chapter sets up a new conflict for Kuma and Bonney. The return of the former King of Sorbet could pose a serious threat to the people of Sorbet Kingdom, and it will be up to Kuma to protect them.

Overall, One Piece chapter 1098 is a well-written and emotionally engaging chapter that will leave fans eager to see what happens next. 

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