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Arthuria Pendagron, King of Knights of the Holy Sword


Arthuria Pendagron, King of Knights of the Holy Sword

This time, let's talk about the story of Arthuria Pendragon, the one they say is the ultimate Saber in the Fate series, who known as the king of knights and the wielder of Excalibur.

Arthur Pendragon is a girl born from Dragon and Human, she is a girl destined to save Britain from Vortigern.

Arthuria became a symbol of Britain's hope, a child that the world was waiting for his birth.

Although in the end she was born a girl and her father gave Arthuria to Ector when she was still a child.

Arthuria followed her destiny and chose the path of a King to lead Britain from victory.

Arthuria was ready that she would throw away her female life, ready to throw away her emotions and ready that she would no longer be human when she pulled the Caliburn from its place.

The Caliburn sword glowed brightly as Arthuria pulled it out signaling that she was the chosen king, a hope that everyone was waiting for.

During his reign, that emotionless king became a respected figure, honored, loved by everyone even by his own enemies.

Even when Caliburn was destroyed, the Lady of the Lake gave Arthuria the weapon that saved the world, the mighty Excalibur.

That indicates that even the fairies respect and support Arthuria.

Arthuria carried all the burdens of Britain on her shoulders alone without a care for herself. All the mistakes, sins that Britain has committed are her own.

Although Britain had its heyday, even though it seemed perfect, but because of Arthuria's emotionless leadership, the people eventually attacked Britain.

Arthuria Pendagron, King of Knights of the Holy Sword

A betrayal led by Mordred, her own son, brought Britain to ruin.

Even so, Arthuria blamed no one, she did not blame Mordred who led the betrayal, Lancelot who had an affair with his wife, or Morgan who was behind the destruction of Britain.

Arthuria only blamed herself, because according to her, everything that happened was her fault as king, her negligence.

Even the birth of Mordred was the result of his unfitness to be King.

In the end Arthuria died cursing himself, but remained a British legend and died with the honor of protecting Britain.
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