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Nero Claudius, The Red Saber From Roma


Nero Claudius, The Red Saber From Roma

After the previous opportunity we have discussed the story of king arthur, this time we will discuss about one of the saber servants and also a king in his territory.

she is a figure who wants the love of his life, but never gets it, her name is nero claudius, or bases called red saber.

A daughter born to an evil mother named Agrippina. Nero was treated like a puppet by her mother and was seen as her stepping stone to reach the top of Rome.

Nero Claudius was born a girl and forced to become King. Nero was brainwashed by her mother, she forced him to obey by telling him to drink poison and would give him the antidote when she complied.

Nero who was innocent and who still did not know what was right and what was evil was taught evil things by her mother, it made Nero's current nature, a Narcissist and Tyrant.

Nero was even required to kill her own adoptive father in order to ascend to the throne.

Even so, during her leadership Nero still thought about the happiness of her people.

She waived taxes for all her citizens and distributed gold at Nero's inauguration as King, That made Nero hated by the corrupt Senate and even by her own mother.

Because of her mother's teachings, Nero was also eventually hated by people outside Rome, and was even considered the incarnation of the Mother Harlot.

Nero was hated by many but she still believed that people loved him, Nero is a person who is thirsty for love, and because of her narcissistic nature, she really believes that she is a special person and is loved by the world, even though in the end she became a person who is hated by the world.

After learning that her mother wanted to kill him and was considered a danger to Rome, Nero finally decided to kill her own mother with her own hands, ignoring the fact that only her mother knew the antidote to the poison that Nero always drank for the lives of her citizens.

In the end, Nero always had a headache and suffered from chronic Hysteria which made Nero fall into madness.

The suicide of her wife Octavia and her mentor Seneca made Nero's mind even more irrational.

And in the end she also created the "Nero Festival" and a theater called Domus Aurea which became a source of entertainment in her madness even though it was disliked by her own citizens.

The hatred of the people eventually grew, especially among the Senate. They decided to kill Nero. But because of Nero's trust in the citizens and people around him. Nero finally realized too late and ran away.

Nero Claudius, The Red Saber From Roma

In the end, Nero decided to commit suicide by stabbing her own throat.

The girl who was thirsty for love at the time of her death still felt fear, she was afraid that she would die without being loved by anyone.

That fear made Nero survive for three days after her suicide.

And on the third day Nero breathed her last after knowing that there was still one person who appreciated and respected Nero.

Nero also died a tragic death, dying with her grief and the hatred of the people.

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