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Fuuto Tantei, Cyclone… Joker… Is Back!!!

Fuuto Tantei, Cyclone… Joker… Is Back!!!

The anime Fuuto Tantei or Fuuto PI has finished airing on October 16, 2022. Fuuto PI is a sequel to the Tokusatsu series, Kamen Rider W, which aired in 2009-2010.  Kamen Rider W tells the story of Kamen Rider Joker and Cyclone who become detectives. To find out what causes a tragedy or incident to occur in the city of Fuuto.

Anime Fuuto Pi tells the story of the Museum, an organization that once threatened the city of Fuuto has been conquered by the action of Kamen Rider, however, an important treasure called Gaia Memory has been mass-produced by the organization and spread throughout the city and the Memory is distributed secretly in the chaos of the city of Futo, so that now many city residents with various motives use the power of memory and turn into Dopant.

The first thing that interested me was the line "Cyclone, Joker... Maximum Drive." A nostalgic sentence that reappears in this anime series.

We look back at some of the Gaia Memory and their changes, Cyclone, Joker, Heat, Luna, Metal, Trigger, those are some of the Gaia Memory that have various advantages.

Fuuto Tantei, Cyclone… Joker… Is Back!!!

In addition to looking back at Shotaro and Philip's detective action and fights, we can't forget the figure of Akiko Narumi with her legendary sandals, their boss, She often fights with Shotarou by 'slapping' his head with a sandal.

There is also Ryu Terui who is Shotarou's rival and wife of Akiko, she returns to action as Kamen Rider Accel.

The story in this Fuuto PI anime has a new enemy, but has a connection with Gaia Memory, this new enemy is created a new city in another dimension called "Rear Fuuto". Like the story in Kamen Rider W, the appearance of many dopants is part of the enemy's plan to create a 'dream city'.

What attracts the most attention in the Fuuto PI anime is a new character named 'Tokime', new heroine who appeared since the first episode.

As a sequel, it is better to watch Kamen Rider W first to understand a bit of the story.

However, if you haven't watched it, it doesn't matter, because the conflict is different from the previous one, although there will be allusions to some things from the previous story, but it's not too much.
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