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One Piece 1090 Spoilers Reddit: Luffy and Blackbeard Become an Alliance!

One Piece 1090 Spoilers Reddit: Luffy and Blackbeard Become an Alliance!

Luffy and Blackbeard will forge an unexpected alliance at the end of One Piece to defeat Im. The One Piece storyline is now entering its final round. Oda Sensei has started to present many epic moments which marked the beginning of the final phase of the series. One example is facts about past history.

In relation to past history, the figure of Im was involved in various things. Im is known to be responsible for eliminating various world histories and also making the world in the One Piece series what it is today. There is an interesting theory which states that Luffy and Blackbeard will form an unexpected alliance at the end of One Piece's story to defeat the world leader, Im.

The dualism of Luffy and Blackbeard

One Piece 1090 Spoilers Reddit: Luffy and Blackbeard Become an Alliance!

Marshall D Teach aka Blackbear and Monkey D Luffy are two unique and interesting characters that appear in the One Piece story. The two of them first met in the Jaya arc where they were both men who had big dreams. What's interesting is that in the Jaya arc, even Luffy was motivated by Blackbeard. Both have similarities as well as contrasting differences.

Luffy and Blackbeard are likened to two sides of a coin. Eiichiro Oda seemed to imply that Luffy is the exact opposite of Blackbeard. Vice versa, Blackbeard is the opposite of Luffy. There are several clues to this. First, it is known that Luffy and Blackbeard are currently both Yonko and people who are close to Laugh Tale Island and One Piece.

Second, Luffy and Blackbeard both have big dreams. They are both two characters controlled or controlled by dreams. What then becomes Luffy's big dream? Currently, it is still unknown what his big dream is. Luffy had mentioned his big dream to the Straw Hat crew, but Oda decided not to present this dream in the story.

Even so, Luffy has aspirations to become the king of pirates and become the freest person in the ocean. What about Blackbeard? Blackbeard's big dream, as shown in the story, was to become the king of the pirates and become the ruler of the world. Many think that Blackbeard's big dream is a legacy from Rocks D Xebec. However, further evidence is still needed in this regard.

What's interesting is that even though Luffy and Blackbeard both have dreams of becoming pirate kings, it shows how they both do or get the title in different ways. Blackbeard used violent means or evil ways to make his dreams come true. He doesn't care about the chaos or anarchy that results from his actions.

Luffy and Blackbeard Alliance

One Piece 1090 Spoilers Reddit: Luffy and Blackbeard Become an Alliance!

As explained above, Luffy always helps various parties who need help. Luffy himself has now declared war on the World Government, even he and the Straw Hat crew have challenged them in the Enies Lobby arc by burning the flag of the World Government. Many predict that Luffy will destroy the World Government by defeating Im.

Luffy feels that the World Government is acting arbitrarily, which becomes Luffy's motivation to destroy it. Blackbeard has a different motivation to destroy Im and the World Government. He wants to rule and become the strongest in the world. In fact, Shanks himself had been worried about this since his meeting with Whitebeard.

Shanks realized that Blackbeard was a dangerous figure, who would stop at nothing to fulfill his dreams and become the greatest of all. He started this step by trying to destroy Marineford, although he later failed. Then, the next step was that he asked the World Government to make Beehive Island a free country and he was the leader.

Power and destruction and chaos, the era of true pirates, was Blackbeard's greatest motivation for later destroying Im. Giving freedom to others, eliminating slavery, and eliminating various binding rules became Luffy's motivation to destroy Im. So, Luffy and Blackebard actually have the same dream. However, the vision of the two of them about the dream is different.

Regardless of their different motivations, Luffy and Blackbeard have one enemy in common, which is none other than Im – and the World Government. Forging an alliance between Luffy and Blackbeard may sound like an exaggeration, but this is not impossible because their focus then is to destroy the same enemy that has been in power for hundreds of years. Their motivation may increase when the secret that has been kept is finally known.

Clan Storm D

One Piece 1090 Spoilers Reddit: Luffy and Blackbeard Become an Alliance!

Apart from the same motivation, the same dream, and also the same enemy, one other reason why Blackbeard and Luffy might form an alliance to defeat Im and the World Government is because they are part of the D clan. As geeks realize, well Both Blackbeard and Luffy are part of clan D although many fans have doubts about Blackbeard being part of clan D.

Clan D has always been the main enemy of Im and the World Government. All information about the D clan was destroyed and covered up. In fact, they present hundreds of years of propaganda that clan D is a group of evil people. The proof of how the D clan is Im's enemy is when he attacks Nefertari Cobra when he finds out that Lili is actually part of the D clan, just like the Nefertari family.

Donquixote Rosinante had once told Law that the D clan was the natural enemy of the Celestial Dragons. Clan D will also bring a new storm that will destroy what currently exists. So, apart from Blackbeard having done bad things in the story he is part of the D clan which also has the same enemy.

What's interesting is that the theory provides a big reason why then Luffy and Blackbeard formed an alliance to defeat Blackbeard. The answer is because Im had to die. Im is a very mysterious figure, where we never know about his strength. How then did he become the ruler of the world, meaning that Im's power level was really so crazy that it was natural for Luffy and Blackbeard to work together to defeat Im.

Then, because Im had to die, it meant that one of them had to kill him. Luffy has never killed anyone in the One Piece story. Blackbeard, on the other hand, never hesitated to do such terrible things. So, of these two people who will kill Im's life is Blackbeard.

Luffy vs Blackbeard

One Piece 1090 Spoilers Reddit: Luffy and Blackbeard Become an Alliance!

Then, who will really become the pirate king between Luffy and Blackbeard? What's interesting is that this theory seems to intersect with a popular theory among fans, where Luffy and Blackbeard will fight each other for the title of pirate king. In that theory, there is a possibility that the fight between Luffy and Blackbeard will occur after they head to Laugh Tale and one of them becomes the pirate king or before any of that happens.

However, the theory that says that Luffy and Blackbeard will form an alliance to defeat Blackbeard explains that the two of them will fight after the World Government and Im are successfully destroyed. This epic battle will be another big battle in the history of One Piece, where Luffy and the Straw Hat Grand Fleet will face Blackbeard and the rest of the pirate squad. They will fight to make their dreams come true.

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