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Breaking a Record, BABY MONSTER Girlband Wins 2 Million Subscribers Even though It Hasn't Debuted


One of the new girl groups made by YG Entertainment, namely BABY MONSTER, has successfully recorded an amazing achievement by gaining 2 million followers for their YouTube channel, even though they have not officially made their debut.

Since being introduced to the public some time ago, BABY MONSTER has succeeded in stealing everyone's attention with their introductory videos and talents through a number of members' performances which are shared on their YouTube channel.

Not only that, on May 7 2023, YG Entertainment officially reported that the YouTube channel for their new girl group BABY MONSTER had successfully reached 2 million followers. Precisely on May 6, 2023, at 3:12 KST.

BABY MONSTER officially released their official YouTube channel on December 28, 2022 last year. That way, they managed to reach two million followers in just 129 days since the opening of the official channel.

With this achievement, BABY MONSTER has succeeded in becoming the fastest K-Pop girl group to reach two million YouTube followers in a short time.

This achievement is considered very proud, seeing that BABY MONSTER has not even officially debuted, and the seven members in it are also not confirmed to debut together or cannot be confirmed as a fixed lineup.

The seven trainee members consisting of Ahyeon, Haram, Rora, Pharita, Chiquita, Ruka, and Asa have been introduced to the public as candidates to fill the BABY MONSTER final lineup.

However, YG Entertainment founder and producer Yang Hyun Suk revealed his original plan was that he would eliminate at least one or two trainee members in their final evaluation announcement.

He also expressed his views on BABY MONSTER which would end with only five members. That way, it is unclear whether BABY MONSTER will still debut with seven members or as Yang Hyun Suk said with only five members.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment will announce the final lineup for the BABY MONSTER group on May 12, 2023, at 00.00 KST.

Fans hope that Yang Hyun Suk will give the seven trainees the opportunity to debut with BABY MONSTER without being eliminated.

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