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Tokyo Revengers: 5 Reasons Why Chifuyu Matsuno is a True Husbando!

The second season of the anime Tokyo Revengers has just ended.

Throughout its second season, there was one character who played a key role in the development of the narrative, especially for Takemichi. Who else but Chifuyu Matsuno.

The Vice Captain of Tokyo Manji Gang's Division 1 first appeared during the conflict between Baji and Valhalla in the Bloody Halloween Arc.

His admiration and respect for Baji made him one of the most affected by Baji's death.

However, after that, Chifuyu chose Takemichi to be the Captain of Division 1, replacing Baji and becoming Takemichi's most loyal friend.

Although his role became more prominent in Tokyo Revengers Season 2, Chifuyu Matsuno clearly caught many people's attention.

He even won the Best Supporting Male Actor (referring to a fictional character, of course) in The Most Beloved Manga Characters of 2022 award from the Magademy Industry Award, as reported by Anime News Network.

There are many reasons why we can fall in love with Chifuyu Matsuno from Tokyo Revengers. will tell you the reasons here. Let's check them out!

1. Never backs down for loved ones

Chifuyu has been in situations that have made him struggle repeatedly.

When Baji decided to infiltrate Valhalla and leave Toman, only Chifuyu still believed that Baji did it for Toman's sake.

He even allowed himself to be beaten up by Baji without resistance.

All for the sake of proving that the Baji he knew was still the same Baji and that everything he did was for Toman.

Chifuyu is very loyal to Baji.

However, he can also be a supportive partner for Takemichi.

In Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 13, Chifuyu immediately searched for Takemichi when he found out that the Tenjiku gang was targeting Toman.

He was even willing to stand in front of them to block them, so Takemichi and Akkun could escape.

In one alternative future, when he felt that Takemichi had changed, he fought alone to change Toman and his friends back to their old selves.

Chifuyu will do anything for his friends, and he will never back down.

He is a very loyal friend, just like you, right?

2. Always calm and logical

When he first heard about Takemichi being a time traveler, Chifuyu never doubted Takemichi's words even a bit.

He could also immediately accept his own death in the future and try to find a solution to help Takemichi.

When Takemichi was in a panic after seeing Toman's worst future, Chifuyu could also calm him down.

Just imagine if there were any household problems; Chifuyu would be able to find a way out calmly.

3. Tough and reliable

Chifuyu Matsuno's fighting ability can be said to be almost on par with the Toman captains.

The proof is, in the Black Dragon Arc, even after she was battered by Kisaki and Hanma's actions, Chifuyu was still able to fight it out to help Takemichi.

Even in the future when Toman is in a crisis, Chifuyu can always survive in his own battle.

Even in the upcoming Arc against Tenjiku, Chifuyu can show her persistence in becoming Toman's strength and supporting Takemichi when Mikey isn't around.

In essence, when Takemichi needed a back to support him, Chifuyu was always there.

If you need back up, Chifuyu is sure to be there too!

4. Sincere and loyal

Chifuyu Matsuno can be said to be a person who works in the shadows. He didn't care about the power that was in front of his eyes.

Hence, even until his last moment before being killed by Kisaki in one of the alternative futures, he remained loyal to Takemichi. All of his actions are purely for Toman and his friends.

Initially, he was also a lone wolf who didn't care about rank or superiority in the gang.

That's why, when he meets Baji in Toman, that's when he finds an opponent as well as his best friend whom he can respect. Imagine what he could do for you?

5. Persistent and not easy to give up

One thing that Takemichi and Chifuyu have in common is that both are the type who don't give up easily.

Before becoming the Deputy Captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang's 1st Division, Chifuyu was completely nobody in the 1st Division.

However, thanks to his tenacity and determination, he managed to climb up little by little.

Chifuyu managed to prove his worth to Toman, especially Division 1 and Baji. Starting as an outsider, he becomes a member that Baji can trust.

Even though she often doesn't think long before she acts, Chifuyu can always face the problems in front of her bravely.

To enter Toman and gain Baji's trust, he is that persistent.

How about fighting for you?

Seeing the quality of Chifuyu Matsuno above, there's no doubt that she has a husbando material that makes her one of the most popular characters in the Tokyo Revengers anime.

Loyal friends, willing to sacrifice for a friend, always there when needed, regardless of power, and never give up easily, all of these qualities make Chifuyu a supporting character whose.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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