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2 Underrated Mystery Anime With Plot Twist

2 Underrated Mystery Anime With Plot Twist

Many famous mystery anime with plot twists.

No, I won't answer Durarara, Baccano, Joker Game, Great Pretender, and other anime with well-known plot twists. 

Instead, I will answer an anime that perhaps not many people know about, or maybe some have watched it.

1. Odd Taxi

2 Underrated Mystery Anime With Plot Twist

It tells the story of a taxi driver who cannot express his emotions. 

His job is just to transport people, but it leads him to bigger problems, or even huge ones.

This original anime is really good at utilizing all the characters that appear, they are used so well that I was surprised by the ending. 

This anime has a simple but very piercing plot twist. 

We are made to suspect the secrets that happen every episode and then we are shocked by the mix of all the secrets that appear in each episode.

It's hard to explain, but basically, every episode of this anime has a plot twist. 

And these plot twists gather into one for the ending. 

In just 13 short episodes, everything is explained in such detail that we don't even need to think because the anime itself explains what happens. 

So, for those who are lazy to think, this anime is perfect to watch. 

It's light for the genre it brings, but if you pay attention, it's very dark.

This anime is really good, seriously. 

The character development, plot, animation, information delivery, and others are complete. 

You won't regret watching this anime, seriously.

In this anime, you will be presented with various crimes and social problems that we may encounter in our surroundings. 

Murder, extortion, playing victim, bribery, robbery, fraud, and other violence that begins because of the desire to survive, accompanied by jealousy of other people's success. 

That's why I say this is a light but dark anime, wrapped in cute animal faces.

My tip or spoiler when watching this anime is just one thing, pay attention to every character who gets in the taxi of the main character. 

Hopefully, you won't be surprised by who the mastermind is behind all of it.

2. Shiguang Dailiren

2 Underrated Mystery Anime With Plot Twist

This isn't a Japanese anime, but a Chinese donghua. 

It doesn't matter though because it's really good.

It tells the story of two main characters who have superpowers, one can enter any photo they see, and the other can see events within a 1km radius of the photo. 

They both seek work at their friend's photo studio, a woman, and the three of them work together to solve problems for clients who request help in resolving an issue that was previously unsolved, without changing the future. 

But only the two of them work, their female friend just provides the place.

What I like about this anime is that the pattern changes every episode, so we can't guess what the ending of each problem they work on will be like. 

Sometimes it is resolved, sometimes it isn't, or it may even lead them to an even bigger problem. 

Usually, anime models like this have predictable patterns, between getting a job, a little problem, then it's solved. 

But this anime is different, as I said, they can't change anything because the future will change if they do more than what they should be doing.

The storyline is good because it is resolved in one or sometimes two episodes. 

But like Odd Taxi, the problems add up. 

The villain is also sick, their acting is really good. 

I could actually guess it, but it still made me nervous because their acting was so cool.

For those who don't like Chinese voice acting, they may not like it, but the donghua has really smooth animation. 

This anime is also good, the details are great. 

It's not a gay anime, so don't just focus on the cover. 

The opening and ending are also great, but unfortunately they're not on Spotify.

In short, this is a complete and excellent anime, with sick plot twists that are so thrilling.

Don't forget to watch it, it's only around 12-13 episodes, that's it.

Okay, that's it, thank you.

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