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One Piece 1072 Spoilers Update: Garp Will Betray the Marines!

One Piece 1072 Spoilers Update: Garp Will Betray the Marines!

The figure of Monkey D. Garp might betray the navy by saving Koby who was kidnapped by Blackbeard.

How then could it be considered a betrayal? 

There are several factors that support this. 

As you know, in chapter 1059 yesterday, Blackbeard came to Amazon Lily Island to steal Hancock's devil fruit.

However, his attempt failed after the appearance of Silvers Rayleigh's figure. 

Even so, it turns out that he unexpectedly kidnapped Koby. His own fate is currently unknown. 

Luckily, in One Piece chapter 1071 good news then appeared where Garp picked up Helmeppo to save Koby from Blackbeard's hands. 

On the other hand, this action could also be considered as Garp's form of betrayal towards the marines.

Don't Care About Kizaru's Orders

One Piece 1072 Spoilers Update: Garp Will Betray the Marines!

One ironic thing that emerged at the moment of Koby's kidnapping was how the navy or even the World Government didn't seem to care about it. 

There was absolutely no effort from them to save Koby. 

They seemed to let it happen, and considered Koby as an "additional victim" aka collateral damage.

This is actually reasonable, considering the absolute justice that they adhere to. 

In fact, if we retreat to the battle at Marineford, geeks will certainly remember when Akainu didn't care about the fate of the other injured marines. 

As long as Whitebeard's pirates haven't been defeated and killed, they will continue to fight. 

In fact, there have been many casualties from the navy itself.

Also, we see how Akainu doesn't care about Koby's life asking him to stop with such a situation. 

The fans themselves were curious about who the figure might be that would save Koby. 

Many speculations and theories arose regarding this, until later in chapter 1071 information appeared that Monkey D. Garp had finally moved to save Koby.

In the chapter, we see how Garp appears at the marine base G-14 near Egghead Island. 

His arrival there turns out to ask vice admiral Doll for help, by sending a fleet that will go with him to Beehive Island. 

Garp didn't seem to care about Kizaru's order that required the entire fleet to go to Egghead Island.

Garp Betrayed the Marines?

One Piece 1072 Spoilers Update: Garp Will Betray the Marines!

What Garp was doing right now could actually be considered as a form of betrayal towards the navy. 


One of the main reasons is that Garp disobeyed or went against a direct order from an admiral and a fleet admiral to send all the fleets to Egghead Island. 

Moreover, at this time, Garp was no longer part of the navy.

Garp did have a great and very outstanding reputation in the navy.

However, as mentioned above, what Garp did by ignoring the fleet admiral's orders could be seen or interpreted as a betrayal. 

This is the reason that makes Doll hesitate to help Garp with his plan to save Koby from Blackbeard's hands.

Even so, Garp didn't seem to care about that. 

This was evident from Garp who said that he did not know if there had to be a report or permission from the top before asking for assistance from the fleet. 

On the other hand, Garp himself has shown the difference from the start with the majority of the navy. For example, how he always refused the admiral post.

He said he didn't want to be under the control of the celestial dragons. In addition, Garp is also one of the few marines who are considered to have moral justice or an army that does act according to their morals or conscience. 

What's also interesting is that the fans actually gave their speculation that Garp would become a navy traitor at the end of the series.

This may be the first moment of Garp betraying the navy. 

In fact, it wasn't just the navy that Garp would betray. 

Furthermore, he will probably help Luffy to face the World Government at the end of the series along with his son, Monkey D. Dragon, and grandson, Monkey D. Luffy.

Other Characters Following?

One Piece 1072 Spoilers Update: Garp Will Betray the Marines!

As mentioned above, apart from Garp there are actually several marine characters that are considered good. 

They have a philosophy and principles that are in line with Garp's, namely moral justice. 

An example is Fujitora alias Issho, who thinks that the World Government and the navy are "dirty" parties and only bring destruction to the world.

He was even willing to blind his own eyes because he didn't want to see all the destruction.

The other figures are Sengoku and Aokiji. 

The two of them are indeed different from Garp and Fujitora who more explicitly show their differences from other marines. 

Aokiji and Sengoku follow the existing rules more, even though they actually don't agree with it.

Seeing what Garp is doing, it's not impossible that these characters will also move or follow what Garp is doing. 

When Doll couldn't help Garp to send a marine fleet to Beehive Island, Sengoku was the character who had a great chance to help Garp save Koby. 

Meanwhile, for Fujitora, the chance is quite small, although not impossible either.

This moment might also be a moment of betrayal for Fujitora, as well as proof that what the navy has upheld so far is wrong. 

He would probably step down from the admiral position. 

Meanwhile, Aokiji will probably wait for the right time to reveal his true identity or the right moment to help Koby get away.

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