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 One Piece 1071 Spoiler: Seraphim's Secret Power Revealed

The latest chapter of the One Piece manga will reveal the secret of Seraphim's strength so that he can have very powerful powers. Seraphim's appearance became a new threat to criminals and pirates who were targeted by the navy or the World Government. 

This is because their strength is known to be very powerful.

As a new type of Pacifista, it's only natural that Seraphim's power is far more powerful and more terrifying than the previous type or types. 

So far, not much information has emerged regarding the Seraphim. 

However, through chapter 1070 it may be possible to bring back new information about this powerful robot. 

In fact, in this chapter, Oda also reveals the secret of Seraphim's power.
Seraphim's awesomeness

Even though it has only appeared a few times in several chapters, we have seen how awesome the Seraphim are. 

For example, shooting lasers. One of the characteristics of the Pacifista is that they can shoot lasers from their mouths. 

We can see this from the previous Pacifista Kuma. 

Seraphim also has the ability to fire the laser, but there are some major differences that arise.

The destructive power of the laser is much more powerful than Pacifista Kuma's laser beam. 

Also, they no longer shoot it from the mouth. 

Then, even though they are robots in combat that appear in the story they are shown to be very agile. In fact, his movements are much more agile than Pacifista Kuma. 

They are also known to have extraordinary endurance.

In the previous chapter, it was seen how Seraphim was able to survive various epic attacks from both Boa Hancock and Blackbeard. 

Lastly, the awesomeness of the Seraphim that catches the attention of many fans is that they are able to imitate the abilities of former Shichibukai and also have devil fruit powers. 

For example, S-Shark has the ability of Fish-Man Karate and the power of the Sui Sui devil fruit.

The Strongest Man in the Ocean

There is no doubt that Seraphim has become one of the most powerful characters in the ocean. 

What then made it happen? This was explained by Vegapunk in chapter 1070. 

In his chapter, Vegapunk explained that Seraphim is the pinnacle of knowledge that he can create. 

In other words, Seraphim is the masterpiece or the best creation that Vegapunk has ever created.

This, according to Vegapunk, made Seraphim the most powerful human in the ocean. 

Looking at the various things that exist, it seems only natural that later Seraphim becomes Vegapunk's masterpiece and also becomes the strongest human in the sea. 

First, Vegapunk implanted Lunarian DNA in Seraphim's body. Lunarian himself is known as a strong and tough nation. 

This was revealed when Queen fought against Sanji, and was proven when King fought against Zoro. 

Then, Vegapunk also succeeded in imitating the abilities of the former Shichibukai and then applied it to Seraphim's body. 

For example, the sword ability of S-Hawk which is similar to Mihawk's ability or S-Shark which has Jinbe's strength.

However, the most epic of all is how Seraphim also has a devil fruit ability. 

How a robot or cyborg can have a devil fruit is really beyond reason. And only Vegapunk is capable of that. 

This is the reason why Seraphim is considered the pinnacle of his knowledge and also his masterpiece.

Have a Special Condition?

What's also interesting is that in this chapter Vegapunk explains a little about Seraphim's condition. According to him, all Seraphim have “Green Blood” flowing within their bodies. 

This then becomes the reason why these cyborgs can have devil fruit powers, especially the Paramecia type devil fruit. 

According to Vegapunk, to create an artificial Paramecia type devil fruit he used the Lineage Factor aka the user's DNA to create "Green Blood" which he then applied to Seraphim's body. 

Unfortunately, Vegapunk has not explained exactly what "Green Blood" is. However, there is speculation regarding this.

It could be, "Green Blood" is the result of genetic engineering by Vegapunk based on the DNA of the devil fruit owner and also various other things, such as the DNA of the Lunarian people. 

The working system might be similar to the genetic engineering that Vinsmoke Judge did to his children. 

This also makes sense considering that they have worked together and finally managed to come up with the concept of the Lineage Factor.

That's the latest spoiler from One Piece. Wait for a surprise from Oda Sensei in the next chapter.

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