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One Piece: 4 Characters Who Are Allegedly Children of Rocks D Xebec!

One Piece: 4 Characters Who Are Allegedly Children of Rocks D Xebec!

Who is the child of Rocks D Xebec is one of the topics of discussion that is quite busy being discussed by One Piece fans. The name Rocks D Xebec may have just appeared in the One Piece story. 

The character of Rocks first appeared in the Wano Country arc, when Sengoku explained about the situation in Wano and also the major events that occurred in God Valley.

Even though his name has just emerged, Rocks has a long history before. 

According to Sengoku's explanation, he was the most terrible pirate figure, long before Roger. 

Talking about the figure of Rocks D Xebec, there is one interesting theory where he might have a successor or child. 

And there are some characters who are thought to be children of Rocks Xebec.


One Piece: 4 Characters Who Are Allegedly Children of Rocks D Xebec!

Compared to other names that appear in the One Piece series, Rockstar is not part of the main character. 

Rockstar is a character that appeared before the timeskip era occurred. 

He is part of the Red Hair Pirates, and appears while delivering a letter from Shanks to Whitebeard. 

The bounty itself is known to be 94 million Belly.

Why then is Rockstar considered to be one of the candidates for Rocks Xebec's son? 

This is based on the character design and physical form. 

Rockstar has hair shape, hair color, and also a face that is considered similar to Rocks. 

Although the strength is still unknown, but how he became part of the Shanks group means Rockstar is not an arbitrary figure.

Monkey D. Dragon

One Piece: 4 Characters Who Are Allegedly Children of Rocks D Xebec!

This is one candidate that has invited quite a lot of discussion among fans. 

In one theory, it is explained that Dragon may not be Garp's son, but Rocks. 

This theory is based on a panel in chapter 1001, where it appears that there are similarities in appearance between Monkey D. Dragon and Rocks Xebec.

The two of them were also equally opposed to the World Government and the sky dragons. 

Rocks' attack on the sky dragons in God Valley is also considered similar to Dragon's plan of attack against the sky dragons in Mary Geoise during the Levely event. 

Both have the same method, with different goals.

Another clue also states that Garp has never called Dragon a child. 

In 2017 when Luffy was about to leave Water 7, a prediction emerged that Dragon was his son-in-law, because Garp never directly referenced Dragon as his son.

 Garp calls Luffy "his son my son" or as "Luffy's father". 

In terms of character design, Dragon actually has no resemblance to Garp. However, it is Luffy who has a resemblance to Garp.


One Piece: 4 Characters Who Are Allegedly Children of Rocks D Xebec!

Shanks is one of the characters in the One Piece series who is widely speculated as the son of Rocks D. Xebec. 

The God Valley incident is considered one of the proofs that Shanks is the son of the Rocks. 

The God Valley event took place around 38 years ago, while the current Shanks was around 39 years old. 

That meant that Shanks was about a year old at the time of this terrible and terrible event.

Roger himself then adopted Shanks and raised him as a crew, because he always felt that the children could not bear the sins of their parents. 

And this is also supported by the fact in Red's booklet that Roger and Rayleigh found Shanks in a barrel after the events of God Valley. 

And again appearance is also considered as one of the other clues related to the connection.


One Piece: 4 Characters Who Are Allegedly Children of Rocks D Xebec!

And the most widely speculated and theorized character is the son of Rocks D. Xebec is Marshal D. Teach aka Blackbeard. 

It seems, this theory is very popular among fans. There are several other clues that are considered to support speculation about this. 

First, Oda shows Blackbeard as a figure who is hungry for world domination. 

And he will do anything to make his wish come true.

Rocks himself is like that, because this is in accordance with what Sengoku described about his figure. 

According to Sengoku, the Rocks are known as the most ruthless pirate group that does not hesitate to kill anyone. 

The second clue, Rocks managed to gather his entire pirate crew on the island of Beehive. 

The island is now the territory of the Blackbeard pirate group.

Another clue is that Blackbeard's ship is the Saber of Xebec, which bears a resemblance to Rocks' real name. 

By using the name "Xebec" on his ship and also occupying the island of Beehive, it could be a way of Blackbeard to honor his dead father. 

And seeing all these similarities, it makes sense that Blackbeard is the son of Rocks D. Xebec.

The character of Rocks D. Xebec is one of the characters that Oda needs to present his story with, given the long history he has. 

One of Rocks' stories that Oda can present is the possibility that he will have children or descendants, which apparently have existed or appeared in his story. 

Oda himself recently presented a surprise that Kuma is the father of Bonney, which means it is not impossible that Rocks is the father of one of the characters above.

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