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One Piece 1067: Oda Confirms Zoro Will Eat Kaido's Uo Uo no Mi Devil Fruit

Eiichiro Oda finally revealed surprising facts about Zoro in One Piece manga chapter 1067.

In One Piece 1067, Oda explains that Zoro will be the next devil fruit eater in the Straw Hat Pirates.

According to Oda, Zoro will eat Kaido's Uo Uo no Mi devil fruit.

Why does the mangaka want Zoro to eat the devil fruit?

In the Straw Hat pirate crew, it is known that only four people have used the power of the devil fruit, namely Luffy, Brook, Chopper, and Robin.

Interestingly Zoro is the next member of the Straw Hat crew who will use the power of the devil fruit as confirmed by Oda.

But the devil fruit will later be consumed by one of Zoro's swords.

This was revealed by Oda in the SBS Volume 98 column when he did a question and answer session with fans

A fan asked Oda what devil fruit would be suitable for the rest of the Straw Hat crew who don't yet have Devil fruit powers.

Then Oda answered that the question was quite interesting and one of the most interesting answers was about Zoro's devil fruit.

According to him Zoro is suitable for consuming the Seiryu model Uo Uo no Mi devil fruit owned by Kaido.

But more interestingly, Oda said that the Uo Uo no Mi devil fruit was not given to Zoro, but to one of his swords.

Oda himself reasoned that it would be cool when a sword could turn into a dragon.

This reason is actually quite reasonable considering Zoro himself is already very strong even without the power of a devil fruit.

You could say Zoro's strength is currently equivalent to a Yonkou commander.

That's because he has been able to control Enma's cursed sword with his powerful Busoshoku Haki ability.

In addition, Zoro has also been able to awaken Haoshoku Haki which of course is a gift for a swordsman like him.

Moreover, not many pure swordsmen are able to master Haoshoku Haki.

How can a weapon, especially a sword, have the power of a devil fruit? It turns out that this is not something new in the world of One Piece.

Previously in the Enies Lobby Arc, it was shown how the leader of CP0 Spandam had a sword called Funkfreed.

The sword is able to turn into a very large elephant and attack its opponent brutally.

So it makes sense that even an inanimate object can have the power of a devil fruit.

It's interesting to see if one of Zoro's swords then has the power of Kaido's devil fruit.
If it's true Oda will make Zoro or his sword use the dragon devil fruit.

Will his sword power level be the same as that shown by Kaido when using the Seiryu model Uo Uo no Mi devil fruit ability?

In yesterday's Wano Arc, Kaido has been able to maximize the potential of his devil fruit with various forms and powers that can be generated from this dragon model.

In fact, he is able to produce various kinds of elements from his dragon model, such as bursts of fire, wind elements that can cut anything and several other powers.

If Zoro's sword really consumed Kaido's devil fruit, the resulting ability would more or less be like that.

Look forward to the scenario in One Piece chapter 1067.

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