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One Piece 1067 Spoilers Reddit: Zoro Was Invited to Join Kaido in the Past?

One Piece 1067 Spoilers Reddit: Zoro Was Invited to Join Kaido in the Past?

Spoilers for Reddit's One Piece 1067 manga have just revealed an interesting fact about the Straw Hat Pirates.

It turns out that until One Piece 1067, the former Yonkou Kaido once made an attractive offer to one of the Straw Hat crew.

So who is the Straw Hat crew that Kaido wants to recruit? Here are the leaks and spoilers for One Piece 1067.

It seems that only a few of the fans are aware that Kaido has ever tried to recruit one of the Straw Hat crew.

This moment occurred after the Straw Hats along with Kid and Law succeeded in kidnapping Zeus and dropping Big Mom into the ocean in the Wano Arc.

But the worst generation was forced to give up the failure of their plan after Prometheus managed to escape and save Big Mom who was almost drowned in the ocean.

The Straw Hats and friends have to give up on this because if they force it, one of them will die.

One Piece 1067 Spoilers Reddit: Zoro Was Invited to Join Kaido in the Past?

Meanwhile Kaido, who is still standing on the roof of Onigashima, intends to finish off Luffy, who is lying unconscious due to the previous heavy attack.

While Zoro, who saw his captain's life in danger, rushed to issue one of his top techniques called Ashura.

Zoro hopes he can take down Kaido with his ultimate technique.

Zoro's technique is also known as the kyutoryu technique or the nine sword technique which he previously fought against a CP0 agent named Kaku at Enies Lobby.

However, this time Ashura Zoro's technique has been coated with Haki so his attacks will be much more deadly.

After successfully slashing Kaido's chest, the former Yonkou said that Zoro had just used Haoshoku Haki in his attack.

Even so, Ashura Zoro's technique was not able to knock Kaido down.

But at least Zoro's attack was able to injure Kaido's body until he bled.

Even Kaido himself mentioned that Zoro's attack might leave permanent scars on his body.

Unfortunately, despite the enormity of Ashura Zoro's attack, this technique has such a negative effect on his body that he is unable to stand up anymore.

This was exacerbated by Zoro's physical condition at that time because he had previously been seriously injured as a result of receiving the combined attacks of Big Mom and Kaido.

After receiving the attack, Kaido also admitted that he was not willing if Zoro and the other worst generations had to die at his hands.

Because according to him, with the great potential that Zoro and his friends have, he can rule the world.

But this can be realized if Zoro wants to join Kaido's pirate group.

Hearing the offer to join the Kaido pirates, Luffy, who had regained consciousness, immediately rejected the offer from the former Yonkou.

So Zoro and Luffy are the Straw Hat crew that Kaido wants to recruit to join the beast pirates.

It will be interesting to wait for other surprising facts about the Straw Hat Pirates that will be revealed in One Piece 1067.

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