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One Piece 1068 Reddit Spoiler: Dr Vegapunk's devil fruit awakening can kill all Devil Fruit users

The Reddit version of One Piece 1068 spoilers again surprised fans.

It is mentioned in the One Piece 1068 spoiler that Dr Vegapunk can also use Awakening.

The Nomi Nomi no Mi devil fruit owned by Dr Vegapunk turns out to be able to reach the Awakening level.

Here's a discussion of the Reddit version of One Piece 1068 spoilers.

As is known in yesterday's chapter, Dr Vegapunk finally spoke about his devil fruit in front of Luffy.

He said that his intelligence was apparently supported by his devil fruit named Nomi Nomi no Mi or Brain Brain no Mi in English.

Eiichiro Oda seems to have fulfilled the expectations of the fans by making Dr Vegapunk a devil fruit eater.

With this devil fruit, Dr. Vegapunk has unlimited storage memory in his brain, making him the most genius human in the world.

Even he can remember any information without needing to memorize it.

Then if we talk about the devil fruit, of course its power can also be used to fight and also has Awakening.

What does Dr Vegapunk's Awakening look like with his devil fruit?

It is stated in the spoiler that Dr Vegapunk's character was inspired by Albert Einstein and Professor X in X Men.

So that he can use telepathy and control the devil fruit users in One Piece.

If it is old and senile, its brain can also create waves that will make all other devil fruit users convulse.

So it can be said that Dr Vegapunk's devil fruit Awakening is quite deadly and very dangerous.

However, Oda seems to have designed the character of Dr Vegapunk not as a fighter.

So that he would not use his power to fight and only focus on creating technology.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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