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One Piece: Luffy's Mother Key to One Piece's Final Story?

The existence of Luffy's mother is one of the things that many fans have been asking about. 

The One Piece series by Eiichiro Oda is indeed famous for its fantastic and extraordinary storyline. 

With such a vast world, it is only natural that then there are many mysteries that then appear in the story. 

And Luffy's mother is one of the many mysteries that exist.

What's interesting is that information about Luffy's mother is far more mysterious than the figure of Dragon aka his father. We still don't know what his name is, what he looks like, and finally, what is the figure of Luffy's mother. 

If indeed Luffy's mother is still alive, where is she currently? 

Is he in Foosha village or is he somewhere?

In the absence of the slightest information about Luffy's mother, maybe he is keeping or has a big secret that even Garp himself doesn't want to tell. 

Even so, actually Oda had given a brief description of what Luffy's mother looked like. And this is clearly the subject of discussion of the fans.

How is Luffy's mother figure?

Speaking of Luffy's mother, Oda Sensei himself once said in an SBS column that Luffy's mother was actually in the One Piece story all along. 

In other words, we can mean that Luffy's mother is still alive. 

Then, in an interview excerpt in American Shonen Jump released in December 2009, Oda Sensei briefly explained about the character of Luffy's mother figure.

According to Oda Sensei, if Luffy's mother appears in the story, then she is a strong and firm woman. Oda also explained that she was not a beautiful woman either. 

According to him, Luffy's mother figure is middle-aged with wavy hair. And based on the description from Oda Sensei, many fans then assumed that the figure was Dadan the mountain villain.

In addition to the assumption or theory that Luffy's mother is Dadan - based on the description that Oda explained - fans also have other theories. 

It is possible that Luffy's mother is a Celestial Dragon or a clan of sky dragons. According to his theory, Dragon was involved in a fate strange enough to fall in love with the figure of the heavenly dragons.

However, last year, Oda finally revealed the reason why he had not shown Luffy's mother figure to Luffy's voice actor in the anime, namely Mayumi Tanaka. 

When Tanaka tried to ask Oda Sensei about it, Tanaka said that Oda Sensei was not interested in exploring or presenting stories about Luffy's life history.

Tanaka said that Oda Sensei deliberately presented the story of the beginning of Luffy's journey as a pirate when he left his parents and also his home. 

Oda also explained a little that he just wanted to focus on Luffy's story and his adventures. 

Because, the story about his mother has nothing to do with Luffy's adventures.

So the Key to One Piece's Final Story?

If you look at the pattern of stories that Oda has often presented so far, some fans think that there may be a strong reason that Oda deliberately does not present a character until the right time. 

A clear example of this is the figure of admiral Aramaki aka Green Bull who only appeared in chapter 1056 yesterday after he appeared in silhouette for quite a while.

And the most recent, of course, is the appearance of Vegapunk, which fans have been waiting for all this time. 

In chapter 1061 yesterday, we finally saw the figure of Dr. Vegapunk although most likely it is not the real Vegapunk figure. 

With this pattern, there is a possibility that Luffy's mother will unexpectedly appear and become a key figure in the rest of the One Piece story.

For now, we still don't know what Luffy's mother is like. However, from Oda's description of how he is a formidable figure, maybe he can also help Luffy defeat the World Government. 

Or maybe what makes more sense is how Luffy's mother knew about the world's great secret. 

This is based on her family who is a deputy admiral of the navy and her husband who is the Leader of the Revolutionary Army.

He probably wouldn't help Luffy in front of the screen, but would rather help him from behind the scenes. 

So far Nico Robin has never given any information about the secrets of the world to Luffy. 

That Hakl could be a clue that maybe Robin and Luffy's mother had been communicating with each other all this time without Luffy knowing.

Like Nico Olivia, Luffy's mother may provide many interesting things that will help Luffy to later be able to achieve his dream of becoming the pirate king. 

So, in conclusion, even though Oda might think the storyline about parents is irrelevant to the Straw Hat crew's adventures, it could actually be that he's already prepared everything.

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