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One Piece: The Mystery of the Worst Generation from Capone Bege to Jewelry Bonney

One Piece: The Mystery of the Worst Generation from Capone Bege to Jewelry Bonney

The Worst Generation pirates in the One Piece series are often in the spotlight in the world. 

They explore the oceans on their own adventures.

Some of them are known to forge alliances with fellow Worst Generations. 

An example is Luffy and the Straw Hats forging an alliance with the Heart and Kid pirate groups.

However, some of them have attacked each other as we saw in the battle of Onigashima. 

Also, some of them are now missing. 

We do not know their fate and condition until now. 

With the story in the One Piece series that has entered its final chapter, it feels like it's time for them to return to the story and present something very extraordinary.

As we know, Worst Generation are 11 newcomer pirates introduced in the Sabaody arc. 

They are newcomer pirates with a very large bounty. 

Some of them are able to influence the story. 

Unfortunately, some others don't have the chance to shine. 

Of course it would be a shame if they didn't reappear in the story.

Worst Generation Trio

One Piece: The Mystery of the Worst Generation from Capone Bege to Jewelry Bonney

First we have the most powerful and most expensive Worst Generation trio, namely Monkey D. Luffy, Trafalgar Law, and Eustass Kid. 

After the battle at Onigashima the three decided to split up, where they went in different directions. 

Luffy himself decided to head southeast. Meanwhile, Law decided to go northeast and Kid's group went to the easternmost path.

There is a possibility that Kid and Law will not appear too much in the next arc. 

This is because these two characters have become the main topic besides the Straw Hat crew during the Wano arc. 

In fact, Law himself has been an important part of the story since the Punk Hazard arc. 

On the other hand, considering the rivalry between Kid and Luffy, it feels too early for us to see Kid or the two meet again.

It is very likely that they will reunite at the end of the story or in the final battle of the series. 

However, whether later they will become enemies or friends we still have to wait. 

Of all the Worst Generations, these three pirates have the most desire to find One Piece. 

That is, it is not impossible that there will be a battle between the three.

Another Worst Generation

One Piece: The Mystery of the Worst Generation from Capone Bege to Jewelry Bonney

In the Wano arc, we also see other Worst Generations such as X Drake, Apoo, and Hawkins. 

It will be interesting to know what their future will be. 

In this arc it is revealed that Drake is actually part of SWORD, a secret naval organization. 

Drake's identity has indeed been exposed by Queen – and CP-0 – but not everyone seems to know the secret.

Drake looks like he will continue to carry out his duties while evaluating the big events in Wano. 

However, he will temporarily hide while healing wounds from his fight with agent CP-0. 

Just like Drake, Hawkins was last seen in a badly injured condition. 

In fact, he had already predicted his death. 

Even so, it is unlikely that Hawkins died.

Therefore, maybe he will follow Apoo's footsteps where he will return to the ocean and become a pirate. 

However, what will be his mission and whether he will leave the New World remains to be seen. 

The reason is, they now know what the strength of the Yonko is and what Luffy's strength is like.

Forgotten Worst Generation

One Piece: The Mystery of the Worst Generation from Capone Bege to Jewelry Bonney

One of the Worst Generation that no longer appears is Capone Bege. 

He became the main character in the Whole Cake Island arc, where he teamed up with Luffy to defeat Big Mom. 

It is very likely that Bege decided not to be too active as a pirate anymore, considering that he already has a family. 

Moreover, he also seemed to be enjoying the current situation. 

Even so, maybe he will join in the final battle.

Jewelry Bonney is the Worst Generation that appears the least. 

Oda has not even presented any information at all about Bonney. 

The last time Bonney appeared in the story was trying to infiltrate Mary Geoise. 

She tries to save Kuma. Many fans are curious about the connection between the two. 

However, unfortunately, Bonney must be caught and her own fate is still a mystery.

With the news that Kuma managed to free Sabo, it is not impossible if there is a role for Bonney there. 

They may form a partnership where Bonney is a distraction. 

The last one that has received a lot of attention and many fans have been waiting for is also Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard. 

His figure is often forgotten that he is part of the Worst Generation.

Blackbeard himself last appeared in chapter 956, where he ordered his crew to prepare to leave. 

However, where they headed is still a mystery. 

This also led to a lot of speculation among fans. 

Even so, one thing is certain is that Blackbeard is another candidate for the title of pirate king. 

He may have prepared strategies and other things to make this happen.

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