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One Piece: Shanks Nakama Has Rare Haki!

One Piece: Shanks Nakama Has Rare Haki!

Benn Beckman is the vice-captain of the Red Hair Pirates. 

And just like Shanks, he is also one of the influential characters in the series. 

Appearing for the first time in the series with Shanks, Ben Beckman has always been a mystery as has the captain. Currently, he is one of the strongest characters in the world.

With Benn filling such an important position, it's not surprising that he is also a very powerful user of Haki. 

However, unfortunately so far the fans still haven't seen the power and awesomeness of his Haki abilities. 

However, Oda finally showed some of Benn's Haki abilities in the anime.

Benn Beckman's Haki Type

One Piece: Shanks Nakama Has Rare Haki!

The two Haki that appear most often in the story are Observation and Armament Haki. 

Almost everyone, like Benn, is able to use both types of Haki. According to the One Piece 4 Billion booklet, it was revealed that Benn Beckman's Haki ability is very powerful. 

He is able to coat his weapons and bullets with Haki, which can penetrate even thick armor.

With his Observation Haki ability still unrevealed, it's most likely not inferior to his Armament Haki. 

Ben Beckmann's Haki proved to be far more powerful than the admiral's. 

That is, he is a big threat to the world of One Piece.

Although there is no confirmation yet, Benn may also have Conqueror Haki.

Conqueror Haki Benn Beckman

One Piece: Shanks Nakama Has Rare Haki!

To promote the film Red, One Piece released episodes specifically related to the film. 

In one episode, it appears Luffy is facing two bandits. 

But then, it was Benn Beckman who saved Luffy. 

What's interesting is that Benn doesn't appear to use any violence or physical force to defeat the bandits.

He only used his Haki ability to intimidate the bandits. 

As you know, this is part of the Conqueror Haki ability. 

On the other hand, what Benn did seemed to give a hint that he also had that epic ability. 

The same thing actually happened to Zoro, when the bounty hunters tried to beat him.

He was able to intimidate the bounty hunters. 

And then, in the fight against Kaido it was revealed that Zoro was indeed a Conqueror Haki user, without him knowing it. 

He was able to injure Kaido's body very hard.

Vice-Captain With Conqueror Haki Ability

One Piece: Shanks Nakama Has Rare Haki!

Benn Beckman who has the ability Conqueror Haki is actually not a big surprise. 

The reason is, several other vice-captains have had this ability in the past. 

An example is Silvers Rayleigh, who is the vice-captain of Roger. 

Garp himself admitted that Rayleigh's strength, despite his old age, was still as strong as Whitebeard's.

Another obvious example is as mentioned above, Roronoa Zoro. 

Although at first Zoro couldn't control it, but in the end he was able to use it to defeat King. 

The Red Hair pirate group is a group that has an important role at the end of the story. 

Perhaps, we will see the awesomeness and other Haki abilities of Benn Beckman in the future.

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