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One Piece 1060: Monkey D Garp Will Free Coby from Blackbeard, Luffy Will Help?

One Piece 1060 is confirmed to be released next week; meaning that this chapter will not experience schedule delays or holidays like One Piece 1059.

Even though One Piece 1059 has just been released, several speculations have immediately sprung up regarding speculation about One Piece 1060.

One of the speculations in One Piece 1060 is that Monkey D Garp will move to save Coby who is being held hostage by Blackbeard.

So, is it possible that Luffy, who is close as a friend to Coby, will also help save Coby from Blackbeard's clutches?

Marshall D Teach or known as Blackbeard, can be categorized as one of the Villains in the One Piece series.

His greedy, brutal character, and the heart to betray Whitebeard, made Blackbeard one of the characters that One Piece fans hate.

However, One Piece fans agree that maybe Eiichiro Oda will put Blackbeard as Luffy's last opponent in fighting over One Piece's treasure.

No less interesting, since it was last shown in the 900s chapter, One Piece 1059 shows the appearance of Blackbeard.

However, Blackbeard wouldn't be his name if he didn't do crazy things!

Blackbeard and his Pirate crew are heading for Amazon Lily; former Shichibukai headquarters, Boa Hancock.

The goal there is not kidding.

Blackbeard intends to kill Boa Hancock and wants to take Boa Hancock's Mero Mero no Mi devil fruit.

Luckily, when Blackbeard had managed to grab Boa Hancock's neck and was about to kill her, Silver Rayleigh came to 'melt down' the atmosphere.

In the end Blackbeard's plan failed because he was afraid of Rayleigh's threat.

However, Blackbeard didn't want the island of Amazon Lily empty-handed.

Captain Coby, who was also on Amazon Lily at that time to catch Boa Hancock, finally became Blackbeard's target.

At the end of the One Piece 1059 panel, it is also shown that the Navy has reported to the world that Coby has been kidnapped by Blackbeard.

Of course, Blackbeard's kidnapping of Coby would provoke a response from the Marines; especially Monkey D Garp.

As One Piece fans know, Monkey D Garp is the mentor or teacher of Coby and Helmeppo.

The arrest of one of his best students, of course, made Monkey D Garp decide to move and will try to free Coby from Blackbeard.

Interestingly, Luffy may know about the news of Blackbeard's capture of Coby, and it is not impossible that he will act as well.

If this situation is true, then maybe Luffy will cooperate with Monkey D Garp to free Coby from Blackbeard.

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