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One Piece: Who is the Traitor in the Revolutionary Army?

One Piece: Who is the Traitor in the Revolutionary Army?

It's no secret that One Piece is currently preparing for the end of the story in the series. 

Oda Sensei has started to build the tension of the story that will culminate in the biggest peak war ever. The epic battle would be the perfect ending to the series. 

And because of this too many large groups or factions started to move.

One of the factions or groups that have started to move is the Revolutionary Army. 

Led by Monkey D. Luffy's father, Monkey D. Dragon, the Revolutionary Army is one of the largest and most dangerous organizations in One Piece. 

They have the main goal of overthrowing the power of the sky dragons in a region, and also in various other organizations such as the World Government.

The Revolutionary Army is often referred to as a "land-operating pirate group".

And their leader is known to be the most dangerous and most wanted man in the series. 

Besides Dragon, his subordinates also have abilities that are no less formidable, for example, Sabo, who seems to be able to match the strength of an admiral.

Talking about the Revolutionary Army, yesterday's chapter 1058 gave us a hint about the possibility of a traitor in their body. 

This is based on the panel that appears at the end of the chapter, which moment raises a big question mark. 

Was one of the Revolutionary Troops really a traitor?

Leaks in the Revolutionary Army

One Piece: Who is the Traitor in the Revolutionary Army?

Some of the latest chapters of the series show how the situation and conditions occurred after the Onigashima battle. 

We learn that the World Government then quickly appointed Luffy and Buggy to replace the previous two Yonko, Kaido and Big Mom. 

Then, we also know that there is a new organization that is considered to be a big threat, namely the Cross Guild.

After introducing what Cross Guild is and also about the future of Wano, in chapter 1058 Oda focuses the story on the Revolutionary Army and also reveals one important detail. 

The chapter shows how the navy was able to tap the Revolutionary Army's den den mushi channel. 

At first glance there may not be anything strange about this.

One Piece: Who is the Traitor in the Revolutionary Army?

However, this is actually very surprising as well as surprising. 

Because, as we know, the Revolutionary Army always moves in the shadows, aka they always move in secret. 

They are the ones who mobilize various rebellious or guerrilla movements in an area that wants to be free from the shackles of the World Government.

How then we see the World Government and the navy are able to tap the secure connection can mean one thing. 

There is a possibility that there is a traitor within the Revolutionary Army who provides information to the World Government. 

During this time, throughout the series the Revolutionary Army was notorious for their secrecy.

This can be seen how the World Government is very difficult to track their whereabouts or stop their movement. 

Nor did they know what the Revolutionary Army's next steps would be. 

However, how they were suddenly able to tap into the Revolutionary Army's secure den den mushi channel completely changed all that secrecy.

Who is the Traitor?

One Piece: Who is the Traitor in the Revolutionary Army?

The World Government and the navy may have the technology and resources. 

However, it seemed almost impossible for them to then be able to tap the Revolutionary Army's secure channel without any help from insiders. 

If later they were able to figure out what the next plan was, then it was not impossible that there would be major changes within the Revolutionary Army.

For now, it is still a mystery who later became the traitor in the Revolutionary Army. 

There are several possible scenarios. 

First, maybe Sabo was forced to do what the navy wanted. 

He was forced to do so in order to free Kuma, who had safely returned to Kamabakka.

There could be some kind of exchange that Sabo made to the World Government. 

The second scenario is that there is a possibility that Sabo will deliberately allow the navy to tap his channel. 

This is because he has prepared a kind of diversion, where when communication occurs what the navy hears is different from what actually happened.

Of the two scenarios, it seems quite reasonable is the second scenario. 

Because, even if Sabo had to suffer bad luck, he didn't think he would have the heart to divulge the secrets of the Revolutionary Army. 

However, if the first scenario happens, this will certainly be an extraordinary plot twist that Oda presents.

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