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Eiichiro Oda Uncover One Piece Devil Fruit Mystery?

Eiichiro Oda Uncover One Piece Devil Fruit Mystery?

After more than two decades of appearing and waiting for the fans, finally the most genius scientist in the One Piece series, Dr. Vegapunk, officially appeared. 

The appearance of this Vegapunk figure occurred in chapter 1061 yesterday. 

In the chapter, we saw how the Straw Hat crew finally arrived at the new island that is Egg Head.

The island became the research base of Vegapunk. Lots of epic and modern things on the island, like a giant shark that is a robot. 

The fate of the Straw Hat crew itself almost floated after the giant shark attacked Sunny. 

However, fortunately, a mysterious figure then appeared and managed to save them. 

As it turned out, the mysterious figure was a woman who later claimed to be Vegapunk.

The appearance of a woman who claims to be Vegapunk is actually a matter of debate among fans. 

They debated whether the female figure was the real Vegapunk or something else. 

Apart from that, the appearance of the Vegapunk figure is certainly expected to be the moment of revealing various mysteries such as devil fruit.

Devil Fruit Mystery Key

Eiichiro Oda Uncover One Piece Devil Fruit Mystery?

Devil fruit is still a big mystery in the One Piece series so far. 

It was something capable of granting mysterious powers to anyone who ate it. 

Unfortunately, so far, Oda Sensei himself has not provided much information regarding devil fruits. 

There are many questions that arise related to this devil fruit.

For example, the first is why would a devil fruit user drown in seawater? 

What makes devil fruit users lose their ability to swim in the sea? 

Then, what is the reason one cannot eat more than one devil fruit? 

Is it true that Zoan devil fruits have minds of their own? 

How then does “Lineage Factor” affect their strength?

However, the main question of all is why does the devil fruit exist? What makes the devil fruit appear? 

With the mystery about the devil fruit still hanging until now, the appearance of Vegapunk in this latest chapter is likely to be able to provide answers to all these mysteries. 

In fact, Oda himself has long provided the information.

In the SBS Volume 48 column, a fan asked Oda Sensei why the Gomu Gomu devil fruit appeared in the devil fruit encyclopedia after Luffy ate it. 

However, Oda himself did not provide an answer to that question. 

Instead, he explained that Vegapunk knew the answer. In this case, Oda wants to convey that Vegapunk is the key to all things about One Piece Devil Fruits.

As we know, the devil fruit was once again a topic of discussion for fans after the World Government explained that Luffy's devil fruit name was "fake".

For 800 years they hid the real facts of Luffy's devil fruit. 

That is, there could be something else they are hiding. Again, the appearance of Vegapunk could be the key to various mysteries about devil fruit.

The Key to Other Mysteries

Eiichiro Oda Uncover One Piece Devil Fruit Mystery?

In addition to the devil fruit, the appearance of Vegapunk could also be the key to answering various other things. 

For example about how Pacifista technology can be created. 

Or it could be Vegapunk answering the riddle about how DNA or Lineage Factor becomes important in the creation of things. 

However, what is also definitely a question for fans is how she can be so smart.

As we know, Vegapunk is the most genius scientist in the world. 

Is it really a pure genius from within her brain, or does Vegapunk get all these intelligences thanks to the power of the devil fruit. 

Of course it's interesting if we later find out the facts about the reason behind Vegapunk's intelligence.

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