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One Piece 1056 Spoilers: Yonko Buggy Becomes the Trigger of Great Chaos, The Rise of the Hunters?

One Piece 1056 spoiler, it turns out that Yonko Buggy is the trigger for great chaos and causes the awakening of the Hunters.

Answered in the One Piece 1056 spoiler, Yonko Buggy bravely gave a bounty to the Marines of the Navy which certainly triggered the awakening of the Hunters.

The thing that is really crazy and so brave to trigger the revival of the Hunters was initiated by Yonko Buggy in the One Piece 1056 spoiler.

The One Piece 1056 spoiler has not been shown to anyone in the Navy whose head was given a bounty by Yonko Buggy and will be hunted by Hunters.

Aside from triggering the Hunter's revival, it's crazy again that it's revealed in spoiler 1056 that Yonko Buggy has formed an alliance with two former Shicibukai, Mihawk and Crocodile.

The three big names form an alliance alone, it is certain that they will shake the world and add to the chaos in the oceans.

Especially by giving a bounty on the heads of the marines, which is almost certainly the Admirals on the hunt.

So far, our group has only found out that the group of Hunters that Oda has shown are Crocodile's former subordinates on Cactus Island.

In addition there is Luffy's right hand in the Straw Hat crew, the future strongest swordsman in the world, Roronoa Zoro.

As well as the duo Johnny and Yosaku who had been Zoro's partners when he was a Hunter.

But with the Yonko Buggy's courage, it is possible that Hunters with monster powers will appear.

It could be that even former Shicibukai or legendary characters will try their luck as a Hunter.

Moreover, the hunt this time were the Admirals who were not in line with them in principle.

Until now, Oda has rarely shown monster characters outside of Pirates and Navy and Government Agents.

But the recruitment of Admiral Fujitora and Ryokugyu is proof that there are monster characters outside the three great powers.

And they will soon show off as Hunters.

Yonko Buggy's move also answered fans' doubts about his capacity as a Yonko.

It turns out that Buggy proves that his threat level deserves to be a Yonko.

Of course this is just a theory from the author, the right to determine the plot of the story belongs to the mangaka, Eiichiro Oda.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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